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Europe's largest PCB manufacturers high throw $ 620 million in Chongqing

  Recently, two rivers in Chongqing and other Asian countries more than 20 industrial parks to win the race to attract Europe's largest printed circuit board manufacturer AT & S Austria (Austria Technology and Systems Co., Ltd.) Group, located in Two Rivers fish complex Industrial Park.

  Austrian Ambassador to Se Dike, Mayor Anticipation, Municipal Committee, director of the CMC Weng Jieming Two Rivers, attended the signing ceremony yesterday.

  AT & S plans to invest $ 620 million, producing high-end printed circuit board. This project is a one-time investment in China, Austria's largest industrial projects, an annual production value is put into production up to 30 billion yuan to solve 4,000 jobs.

  Anticipation at the signing ceremony, said two rivers is now focused on creating "hundreds of billions of electronic city", plans to form a semiconductor integrated circuit including development, and manufacturing, electronic information development, and manufacturing, high-end smart home appliances, automotive electronics and other industries, including electronic information industry chain , industrial scale of hundreds of billions. The success of the project settled on two rivers formed a complete industrial zone electronic information industry chain, to create "hundreds of billions of electronic city" has an important significance to the improvement of electronic information industry in Chongqing and integration will play a positive role.

   Anticipation that the present, with the world's second-largest PC brand, Acer and other companies and OEM companies and master two rivers located in the bonded port area, two rivers, Chongqing is becoming an important industry gathering of the notebook computer; and two rivers, "A Thousand billion Motor City "has begun to take shape, has introduced investment 350 billion yuan, 140 billion yuan output value of the fish head Changan automobile and other projects. For mobile phones, PDAs, cars and other high-end printed circuit boards & S project's presence will further play a role in the accumulation of radiation, absorb more stationed upstream and downstream related industries.

   & S CEO Gesi Mai said, Gesi Mai said that at present, & S Group in Europe, India, America and Shanghai has six factories. With the global smart phones, tablet PCs, high-speed growth, as well as from high-end automotive electronics and the new demands of laptop, HDI & S considers it necessary to expand production capacity, and using the latest technologies to meet market demand. "From the end of last year, our project team visited more than 20 in Asia Industrial Park." Gesi Mai said, "January 2011, I came to Chongqing and group board members, and the city left a deep impression ... We made a choice in a very short period of time. "choose Chongqing reasons include: extensive high-level human resources, information integrity and huge industrial chain and two New River Development potential. As a result, AT & S selected the world's first seven factories in Chongqing, located in Two Rivers District.

   After the two settled in New River, & S Industrial Park to be re-acquisition in fish of about 180 acres of land with an investment of $ 297 million construction of production base, the project completed in two years, the output value will reach 3.0 billion. The main production base of mobile phones, PDAs and other portable electronics and automotive high-tech printed circuit boards required.