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First half of the 14.5% value added electronic information

  According to the Ministry data, the end of June, China's large-scale electronic information manufacturing value added growth of 14.5 percent, electronic components, electronic components industry sales value up 28.5% and 23.1%, exceeding the industry average, the contribution of the industry growth rate More than 40%.
  As a "five-second" in the emerging industries supported by the state, one of China's electronic components within the next few years will exceed the global average growth rate of growth. First half of the electronic components industry output increased rapidly, exceeding the industry average, more than the global average, mainly to benefit from strong demand for the downstream market. Industry as a whole is expected to be sustained under the policy support growth. As more electronic components sub-sector, the downstream is also very extensive, we still recommend attention to the higher growth, future market space sub-sectors, such as PCB industries. One Hingsen Technology (002436) as the only A-share target PCB model, with a clear technical and market advantages, while the vertical extension of industry chain deployment, we recommend investors to take an active interest.