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Android dark horse into the tablet PC market

  Taobao Mall Circuit City has announced the first half of electrical goods online shopping category consumption trends. Currently, Taobao Mall of the Tablet PC market, from September 2010 to date, turnover increased by 900%. An interesting phenomenon is the creation of the Tablet PC market, Apple IPAD, is no longer the only one. Android platform based Tablet PC, a flat market, the main consumer. From January to July this year, data, consumption of office supplies online shopping is also extremely popular: printers, scanners and other office equipment, both 300% compared to last year's growth rate, Taobao Mall show in the office supplies market consumption potential. Taobao Mall observe consumer trends can be found, new this year, 3C digital products, select the first online store in Taobao way to attract consumers concerned about the brand, more and more.
  Ereli announced recently second quarter of 2011, the core e-commerce data shows that in the field of China's B2C shopping site, Taobao Mall Tmall.com remains absolutely lead, accounting for overall market share of 48.5%, its size is equivalent to ranking 2-10 senior corporate share of the sum of the nearly 2-fold.