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Industrial transformation and DRAM plant survival

Taiwan DRAM industry again crisis, ITRI, IEK thinks, in the process of backward technology, equipment old down, DRAM factory should seek transformation, avoid and Samsung Korea factory direct competition, is the survival of the road, there are new opportunities.

In the past, Taiwan dynamic random access memory ( DRAM ) industry ever with 500000 a month 12 inch capacity, the total global production capacity of about 4 into, in the global DRAM industry occupies the position was also play a decisive role, Taiwan DRAM industry integration and reengineering the best time. Only the government of industry integration reengineering plan foiled, although the Taiwan DRAM factory as the product price of Jan, to brief profit, but the second half of last year DRAM industry boom again a sudden turn for the worse, the factory faces serious losses, the Taiwan DRAM industry in the global status is declining, according to the set of State Science and technology survey, this year first quarter of Taiwan DRAM industry city accounted for only about 1 left. ITRI IEK, Taiwan DRAM factory process technology behind South Korea, so DRAM factory only transformation, from South Korea in standard DRAM front of market competition, is the survival way.