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Tianjin to seize the IC "core" size of up to 330 billion opportunity

Development Zone of integrated circuit enterprises covering the whole industry chain, with a strong research and development advantages, and constantly develop new technology products, to fill a number of gaps in domestic technology.
 The next three years, the enterprise also will be the annual growth rate of more than 70% rapid development.
 As the state's major emerging strategies in the subdivision of key industry fields, integrated circuit design is regarded as the capital, technology, talent concentrated model industry. From 2006 to now be just unfolding, formed to fly think of Carle strong core, Star Electronics as the representative of the integrated circuit design enterprises, with in core international as the representative of the chip manufacturing enterprises, with Roma, Vasilis represented by discrete devices enterprises and other industries leading enterprises cluster development, and cover the entire industrial chain. Only 5 years time, Tianjin Development Zone of integrated circuit enterprises with strong research and development advantages, and constantly develop new technology products, to fill a number of gaps in domestic technology. The next three years, the enterprise also will be the annual growth rate of more than 70% rapid development. With the help of countries to support the integrated circuit industry development policy east wind, the developing zone is designed to drive the industry chain, encourage integrated circuit design enterprises seize the opportunity of" core", continue to occupy the industry strategic highland.
 Foster the growth of a number of prominent industry characteristics
 According to the State Department of Public Works letter prediction," 925" to the end, industry of our country integrated circuit scale will be doubled, reaching 330000000000 yuan, which will produce a number of independent intellectual property rights of the chip design company. Since, Tianjin Development Zone, increasing the area of the integrated circuit industry give aid to strength, and formed a unique industrial advantages.
 Development Zone of integrated circuit design enterprises for many applications in the field of leading enterprises, technical basis, research and development strength team, and has a leading international patent products. The sharp stone microelectronics is the power management chip of the leading enterprises, Yi Liangsheng Holzer is the leading enterprises in the chip, core technology is to assume the national nuclear Gao Ji project is a technology leader in enterprise, core vision software limited company is the first domestic, third of global chip analysis company, two competing technology is currently the largest domestic and industrial application supplier of integrated circuits.
 Originated in" Zhongguancun"," rapid growth in teda". In recent years, along with the city of benefit highlighted stage by stage, Development Zone international industry environment," the program" service system, perfect infrastructure and relatively low business cost, make some of Beijing's leading enterprises gradually expand in business and R & D staff size, successfully in Beijing and Tianjin built" produce learn to grind" the spatial layout. Along with science and technology" the little giant" strategic sustainable implementation, development zone" lock Zhongguancun", the introduction of more mature industrialization requirements of small and medium enterprises, the goal is to the field expanded to 50 groups.
 Integrated circuit industry is expected to grow high. Development Zone in the top ten of integrated circuit design enterprises 2010 sales grew 105.6% than 2009, is generally in the next 3 years into the explosive growth stage. Only Czech core, Yi Liangsheng and other 5 enterprises forecast to average growth rate will exceed 3 to 5 times.
 Cluster development industrial chain is perfect with each passing day
 Three major electronic products industry chain, four parts base, integrated circuit industry groups ... ... Development Zone strong electronic information industrial base for the design of the integrated circuit industry development provided vast market space, an integrated circuit design, chip manufacturing, packaging and testing as the core, supporting industry common development of the integrated circuit industry chain pattern is development zone is formed stage by stage.
 In the industrial chain in the process of the formation, the upstream and downstream industry the key link in the overall technical level and quality have been improved overall, a series in the domestic and international market leading technology in the development zone air plant. Fly think of Carle in the world's leading MCU design platform in 8 / 16, the 32 MCU product design, based on the ColdFire core technology and design platform, to provide deep submicron IC design and development; core vision plan establishes has the above 45 nm chip of integrated circuit analysis capability of" nanoscale integrated circuits analysis service platform" ... ... World class technical level, industry leading technology advantages, so that the number of small and medium-sized enterprise strength to rapidly develop and grow, to compete in the industry in a dominant position.
 Policy support to optimize industrial environment
 2008," Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone promotes IC design industry development the try out way" come on stage formally, covers research and development, operating cost subsidies, tax subsidies listed construction industrialization, subsidies and other enterprises operating in the development of multiple fields. This is a development zone in the country successively promulgated a series of policies on the basis of industrial development, according to their own needs, the design of the integrated circuit industry puts forward to make clear direction and support support. Combined with a series of supporting and talent introduction policy, now the development zone has been formed to integrated circuit design enterprises comparative complete system, the policy supporting system.
 Tianjin city integrated circuit promotion center on 2006 in the development zone was established, by the end of last year, in brood enterprise already amounted to more than 30, the center has also set up public service platform, and provides software and hardware research, personnel training, test and verify, business incubator and a series of personalized service. Development Zone provides a package of services to plan and system, not only to help the design of the integrated circuit industry improve the hardware and software facilities, also design tools, design and marketing services. The whole process of software, including hardware service, MPW service and IP library services such as a full range of services.
 As the talent and technology intensive industries, to speed up the design of the integrated circuit industry development, the establishment of development zones to attract top talent to develop policies and measures, expanding the talent introduction, training and reward coverage. Relying on Tianjin education resources and advanced technology resources established Binhai IC design training center, employing integrated circuit enterprise's technical director, senior engineer, supplemented by platform software and hardware equipment, set up scientific and practical training courses, for enterprises to provide training services, to create a good environment for talents.