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The birth of the highest quality BRAVIA Sony 46HX920 dismantling

March 29, 2011, Sony (China) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, released in spring 2011 Sony BRAVIA LCD TV and the new generation of BRAVIA image processing engine technology X-Reality and X-Reality PRO sharp fast image processing engine. As the top model of which the flagship model of Sony HX920 series equipped with a fast new X-Reality PRO sharp image processing engine, intelligent elite LED backlight and Motionflow XR 800 four-speed drive technology, the most advanced technology to attract a lot of country fans attention.

Last time, we give you the appearance of the evaluation of the HX920 (see the birth of the highest quality BRAVIA Sony 46HX920 Figure reward), function, quality and electrical performance tests (see the birth of the highest quality BRAVIA Sony 46HX920 evaluation). Today we open the HX920 back cover, take a look at is called "the history of the highest quality BRAVIA" The HX920 house in the end what attractions.

 HX920 within the overall layout and internal speakers

        Overall layout

Open the metal cover after HX920 HX920 can see the inside was stuffed full, power panels, backlight control circuit, thin bass reflex speakers, screen drive, wifi wireless card, motherboard are arranged in perfect order, the cable between the motherboard are fixed with tape to go line line, Sony's work no doubt, can be said HX920 is what I see most of the TV's internal components, and no one, this is the HX920 perfect quality guarantee.

This is the HX920 bass reflex thin back speakers, the speaker uses a 10 watt 8 ohm speaker drive unit, and two echo hole.

It's back with a metallic design, the magnetic and can effectively reduce the bass vibration, while in the screws at the Sony also uses a rubber ring to the screw and the speaker points out, the purpose of further enhancing the shock absorption.

You can see the Sony in the design of the screen when taking into account the speaker's mounting position, showing the extent of Sony's intentions.

         Motherboard HX920

In the bass reflex speakers Here is HX920 intelligent elite LED backlight control circuit, the photo you can see it is driven by the following screen analysis of the circuit in the projected image after image of bright and dark areas, to control the screen behind the 72 group LED backlight set at the same time or in accordance with the regional light.

This is the HX920 motherboard, equipped with top of the X-Reality fast new image processing engine, sharp piece of LSI circuits, it is the same as the brain controls all of the TV everyday, including power management, signal processing, image processing, etc. many complex processes.

In the X-Reality sharp fast image processing engine next to two of Samsung's DDR3 memory, a single volume is 2G.

The same figure with a crystal core, HDMI micro-management chip inherited a good compatibility and support for 1.4 version of HDMI inputs.

         HX920 The X-Reality PRO processing engine

  As X-Reality PRO key XCA7 database drive chip is placed on the screen, XCA7 itself is actually a large-scale LSI, when processing image information on hue, saturation, brightness, contrast and other details of the smart contrast, the signal restoration compression may occur during the transmission loss of detail, whether it is for ordinary TV and 3D content such cases, even the IPTV video delivery network, has access to effective quality improvement. It not only took the basic functions of the database, Super Resolution, image analysis, frame handling, backlight handling complex work is done by it. X-Reality and XCA7 these two chips form the database based LSI processing circuit. Basic process is to go through X-Reality image for noise reduction, removal of the surface of the Mosquito noise points, and then disassembled by the XCA7 according to the timeline, then and database comparison and analysis of data, repair the loss of detail. This can restore the most original images for super-resolution for the purpose of.

       X-Reality PRO sharp fast image processing engine Image Processing flowcharts

This is the HX920 wireless module, which is Internet TV HX920 as a very important feature of the wireless network coverage under, HX920 without connecting cable can be connected to the Internet.

The bottom of the first HX920 main speakers, a total of 2, so each one is also a 10-watt 8 ohm configuration, with the screen behind the bass reflex speaker can create 3D sound.

         HX920 state sensor

    This is the HX920 state sensor camera, it will sense that the situation around the TV, such as when people leave the front of the TV, the TV does not recognize the face after the image was dim, or no action within a certain time when the TV will turn off image energy conservation, when the viewer back to the front of the TV TV opportunity to once again turn on the TV screen. Also from the alarm, TV viewers will recognize the child and to ensure proper viewing distance, if the children into about 1 meter away from the screen within the range, turn off the TV and the image will display a warning message, also issued a warning tone. This vision of children's protection and to develop good viewing habits are very helpful. Intelligent positioning optimization, the TV through the state sensors automatically detect the viewer to sit before the TV position, smart optimize the image and sound, such as the viewer's left sitting in front of the TV, the TV will the TV sound balance bias on the left, no matter where the viewer can enjoy the best of the audition results.

      Shown HX920 identified based on the camera automatically adjusts the position of the human face picture and sound quality.

This is a 3D sync signal transmitter, which uses four IR emitter head. This year all the 3D-regarded 3D BRAVIA TV sync signal transmitter done inside the TV, do not need to like the series before the 3D external sync signal transmitter, affect the overall appearance.


         More work can be seen inside the HX920 is very complex, very high degree of integration, such as 3D infrared transmitter sync signal, status and sensor are all built within the hidden surface of the glass, and even installed a screen on the back is still thin bass reflex speakers to improve sound quality HX920. Of course, X-Reality PRO treatment effect are obvious. Currently in Japan, large-scale audio-visual equipment awards "VGP" summer prize give HX920 series "Comprehensive Gold" and "Critics Award" and 55HX920 and 46HX920 also separately been a corresponding 55-inch 46-47 inch level and level of gold, seen carrying X-Reality PRO's, HX920 unusual skill. (Text / Zhijia high Zhi-Jie)