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China will become the world's largest tablet PC market

   According to foreign reports, Dell, John Thode, vice president of mobile services to express their views before bad-mouthing the Android development prospects in the United States offset the computer, and said that China will become the world's largest flat-panel computer market.
   According to research firm DisplaySearch data show that Apple iPad tablet PCs have been sold around the world 25 million, however, Motorola and Samsung, Android sales offset computer makers not ideal. Motorola said that its recently launched the Tablet PC Xoom sold only 250,000 units, while sales in the first quarter of this year, Samsung was slightly better than the Motorola, not to 100 million units sold.
   Samsung slightly better than Motorola's sales data, mostly from outside the United States market, but still much lower than Apple, iPad 2 on sale the week, sales on the straight one million.
   Dell's mobile business, said John Thode, vice president, Android PC in the U.S. market is difficult to offset the success of Dell's first 10-inch computer Streak 10 Pro Android offset will be sold in China this summer, while Streak 10 Pro in the U.S. launch date will be charged to later this year or next year.
   Thode said: "Do not try to rise in a complex market, and in the larger market resurgence in a very short time, China will become the world's largest tablet PC market."
   He believes that U.S. consumers are not prepared, and the Chinese consumers on the use of tablet PCs, "smarter."
   DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim said: "The problem is that the Tablet PC experience required to teach consumers that consumers in the past by the price factor to compare the quality of the PC, Tablet PC, however, the main difference lies in the overall experience." He pointed out that the Apple Tablet The success lies in its computer so that consumers have more experience.