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Government subsidies to the LED industry will stop

For the LED lighting industry of Yangzhou City, the financial subsidies will come to an end in July 2011. A ripple, causing a chain reaction, the same subsidy policies have been introduced similar to the local governments also need to follow up the observation. March 4, Yangzhou City Department of Finance to insiders, the subsidy on the MOCVD equipment does not continue indefinitely, but the time is still stopped to discuss them.
Then read the August 2009 Yangzhou Municipal Government issued the Regulations on the MOCVD of subsidies found in the annex of the document clearly says "this way since the release date of implementation of the provisional period of two years." In other words , July 2011 deadline would have on the plan. Yangzhou municipal government in accordance with the first phase of the original amount of 2.5 billion yuan subsidy funds to subsidize 10 million yuan on average each MOCVD calculated the corresponding MOCVD the fund of about 250 units, and as of March 2011, Yangzhou government's foreign MOCVD public investment agreement has been signed by 198 the number of units from the target well 52.
Yangzhou Economic Development Zone ZHANG Lian-sheng, deputy director told media, as long as they register before the deadline floor, even if equipment purchase program after that, you can still enjoy the preferential policies.
Clearly, the previous remarks Yangzhou how much the government stakeholders revealed some "read between the lines." An industry which is revealed the mystery: "In the investment thinking, the perspective of local governments to consider the issue not the same, of course, means that individual governments stand This time the first half of this year may usher in a wave of new layout boom. "led to the first half of 2009, domestic lighting, street lights and other government public investment boom died down a key official for the following these factors.
September 20, 2009, the National Development and Reform Commission Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Finance and other ministries of foreign issued 5 "semiconductor lighting energy industry views the notice" ("the" opinions ""). Notice for the current domestic semiconductor lighting (LED) Industry Development pointed out some problems to solve major issues, including domestic LED epitaxial materials, the main chip to middle and low; 80% of the power type LED chips, components imported; blindly investment, the phenomenon of low-level construction, some local governments despite the economic transformation of road lighting for the blind, over-investment in landscape lighting, leading to industry disorderly competition and so on.