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ShengTang commitment is more important than technology in the market for your product's competitive

Shenzhen, Tang solemn promise: Tang in order to better serve customers and enhance the competitive position for our customers, Tang will provide customers with immediate effect long-term strategic cooperation. Projects will provide a more comprehensive range of comprehensive cooperation and special offers. Tang is not only to provide technical services for you is more important to shorten prototype development, the first to occupy the market position, maximize competitive position.

     So Tang and consulting services with customers, Tang will provide you with a better offer, all within three days of consulting partners in Tang Dynasty, Tang will provide you with greater ones who enjoy the benefits of space activities, will be within a week 50% discount, Tang will provide you within a month 10% discount.

     Tang continue to provide you with pcb circuit board design, the secondary development of electronic products, electronic program development, LCD modules custom design, prototype production debugging and other technical services, while Tang will also provide you with integrated solutions supporting the production and processing solution.

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