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Earth Hour 2011

Earth Hour (Earth Hour) is the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to address global climate change, an initiative put forward by the hope that individuals, communities, businesses and governments in March of each year the last Saturday 20:30-21:30 lights one hour to show their support for action on climate change. Excessive carbon dioxide emissions cause climate change is now a great threat to the survival of humanity on the planet. The public only through changes in the global carbon dioxide emissions for the attitude of the people in order to reduce this threat impact on the world. March 26, 2011 20:30-21:30, "Earth Hour" will once again trigger a global city, business and voluntary participation of individuals, then the world will participate in more than 4,000 cities, our cities will participate in activities at 40 around.

"Earth 1 hour" is a WWF initiative to a global issue, called for individuals, communities, businesses and governments in March of each year the last Saturday of lights 1 hour, in order to stimulate people's sense of responsibility to protect the earth, as well as environmental issues such as climate change thinking, that the common fight against climate warming on the global support for action. This is a global event, the World Wildlife Fund in Sydney in 2007 initiated the first time after an alarming rate around the world.

"Earth 1 hour" event for the first time on March 31, 2007 in Sydney, Australia to start, attracting more than 2.2 million homes and businesses in Sydney to attend. Subsequently, the activity rapidly at an alarming rate around the world. In 2008, WWF (China) Foreign Liaison Office revealed that more than 80 countries worldwide and 1,000 cities to join activities. Actions by individuals or businesses proved a small acts of kindness will live in the human environment have a profound impact, and even achievements of the future changed dramatically.

It is understood, 3.26 "Earth 1 hour" exercise for active participation of more than 150 enterprises, especially the world's top 500 companies are supported. The site is crowded, SouFun community forums, youth network in Guangzhou, Guangzhou, life net, early to explore this topic. A site survey: nearly 75% of users see the "Earth 1 hour" after the call, said, "will participate", 22% of users said, "think about", only 3% refused; and more than 75% of users that the activities "affect can enhance their environmental awareness," or even 56% of users said lights-out event "can be once a month, more conservation of resources." User "A strong", said: "Environmental protection is everyone's responsibility, we need to start everything around, such as lights, etc. at any time." And friends "little" more positive: "At that time I not only do not turn on the lights, not to open the computer and television, all things live, can not open are not open. "