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China's IC market downturn is over sharply higher

Global semiconductor market in 2010 $ 298,320,000,000, the market growth rate of 31.8%, is the second fastest growth rate since 2000, the year the market in 2009 experienced a decline, the market rebounded sharply, ending years of continuous downturn of development.
China's IC market, the market also ended years of continuous growth trend of continuous decline, market growth in 2010 reached 29.5%, achieved sales of 734.95 billion yuan. Is the second fastest growing market in 2005 after a year. Rebound in the market due to global economic recovery, downstream whole machine market demand of electronic products, thus boosting demand for the upstream IC products. In addition, since 2010, strong demand for the downstream market for the chip, it makes a whole relative to previous years, chip prices are more firm, even in certain product areas the phenomenon of rising chip prices, chip price factor is also one of the factors affecting market development. Overall, 2010 has been able to achieve sharp rebound in the market, the key factor or because the market in 2009 caused by the global financial crisis, recession, leading to market a low base, so in 2010 both the global market and to achieve rapid growth in China .
Import and export in the market, according to customs statistics, in 2010, China's IC imports amounted to 156.99 billion U.S. dollars, up 31.0% growth rate, exports, the export value of China's IC 2010 $ 29,250,000,000, up 25.5 growth rate %. Can be seen that the larger the difference between import and export of China's IC products, the majority of China's IC is still required to be imported, the development speed of China's IC market size and imports are basically consistent growth.
Outlook 2011, has experienced rapid growth after 2010, whether it is the global market or the Chinese market, the market will enter the stage of stable development, market growth is expected in 10% of the main driving force of development of the market is still mainly to Since the PC, mobile phones, LCD TVs have a larger production of other electronic products. In addition, emerging applications to become one of the factors driving market growth, xPad and other emerging electronic products market development has to a certain extent, promoted the development of the semiconductor market, with medical electronics, security electronics and information technology in all industries continued in-depth, integrated circuits used in these industries share of the market share will be more and more.
The next 3 years, the growth rate of automotive electronics will be slowing down, but still will be significantly higher than the overall IC market growth, PC field will also slow down the growth rate, which will directly affect the memory and the CPU market development of the market, it is worth noting MCU products, the future, as the increase in the amount of social security card issuer for the field of IC card MCU will be driven, and with the broadening scope of application MCU, MCU in China's growth will be significantly faster than the overall IC market.