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Sony will be re-formed two groups to challenge Apple Apple model

Japan's earthquake not only to the global consumer electronics giant Sony cut into six factories, but also allowed the latest global restructuring strategies are covered.
March 10, Sony officially announced on April 1, the company will implement a plan to the global business is divided into two groups, namely "consumer products and services group" and "professional equipment solutions group."
The former include Sony's consumer electronics and network services. Such as game consoles, televisions, mobile phones, PC, digital imaging products and network services platform behind. The latter includes the key parts of business, such as semiconductors, batteries and other key components.
And this restructuring was accompanied by high-level adjustments. Sony's Hirai global game business executives will be responsible for "consumer products and services group." High-profile, Sony officials said that its position will become a "representative of the company president and executive vice president."
Hirai showed a new job, he may play the core of Sony's future implementation of the strategy, and even does not rule out taking over the world • CEO Howard Stringer's job, as the next CEO.
Hirai, 50, over the years has been in charge of game operations, who has made great contributions to American roots PlayStation, TV and film it with the company's other products to keep pace. Last quarter results, Play Station game unit profit than analysts expected more than doubled the buffer television business downturn caused by stress.
Stringer said, Play Station has lost money in four years ago, but Sony is already an important source of profit. Currently, the Sony Play Station network platform with over 74 million registered users. Stringer said the company is prepared to integrate products and services to better work together.
Stringer said that day, Kazuo Hirai, the Board will focus on performance. But also stressed, will not give way to new and recently retired.
The personnel action is also conveys the signal to adjust the Sony global business model. An official statement said Kazuo Hirai expanded responsibilities will help the birth of compelling products, the company will create a new home and mobile markets experience.
This is clearly directed at the red, hot apple away. Jobs created by the Kingdom of consumer electronics, has become a global rival to follow objects, many people adhere "Apple model."
In fact, as early as 10 years ago, Sony also made, through the integration of hardware and software and content to create new consumption patterns, it has even acquired the global film and television enterprises, access to content resources. At that time, Sony's "Walkman" has been popular in the world. But after a few years, Apple's iPod will soon defeat it.
The consumer electronics and network services will be attributable to a business group will help Sony to strengthen its consumer product line, unified platform, and with the content of resources to further binding. The past 10 years, with the Appstore, Steve Jobs has long been the iPod, iTouch, iPhone, iPad and notebooks integrated into a unified operating platform, the next will be into the iTV, which will continue to trample the Sony main product site.
Sony contrasting strategic adjustment of the previous passive. Sony Apple iPod music player is defeated, it has been rebuild from the video game business though, but so far failed to get rid of Microsoft, Nintendo rival; and its main business television services and more are being left behind Samsung distant.
MF Global FXA Securities (Japan, U.S. futures dealer subsidiaries) analyst Jay Defibaugh said that until Sony's hardware and software services to strengthen coordination, but the effect is not good, "if a man can do, it may be Kazuo Hirai" because he understands the entertainment industry, and has an international background.
In a statement, Stringer will be the adjustment and even referred to as "the next phase transition." He said the Internet strategy is a reality, extensive content combined with the technological advantages will become Sony's main driver of sustainable growth.