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China's first successful development of automated optical inspection equipment

Recently, the China Electronics Technology Group have undertaken 45 projects of international scientific and technological cooperation, "Automatic optical inspection (AOI) equipment and technical cooperation", passed the national acceptance, technical indicators have reached the level of similar foreign equipment, marking the automatic optical inspection (AOI ) equipment to achieve localization to fill the gap.

It is understood that the structure of today's emphasis on electronic equipment to achieve smaller, miniaturized, modular, to meet the high performance, high reliability and large capacity, small thin light requirements. Density circuit board assembly components, the line width, spacing, more and more small pad has to micro-level, more and more complex layers. Traditional manual visual (MVI) and the needle bed online test (ICT) test because of "limited access" (visual contact with electrical contact is limited and restricted) the system can not fully meet today's manufacturing technology, automated optical inspection system (AOI) has become the inevitable demand for IC manufacturing, are increasingly used to replace the traditional MVI and ICT technologies to detect, monitor and ensure the quality of the production process. At present, automated optical inspection (AOI) equipment is mainly dependent on imports, has been Israel, the United States, Japan and other countries of the monopoly. China Electronics Technology Group, 45, and Canada have conducted fruitful cooperation in international science and technology, jointly developed automated optical inspection (AOI) equipment, through the introduction, digestion and absorption, re-innovation, and finally developed the international level of automatic optical inspection (AOI ) equipment, to break the foreign monopoly and technological blockade, so imports 30% reduction.

45th China Electronics Technology Group and adopted by the introduction of technology digestion and absorption, to capture a high-speed image acquisition and hardware processing, defect identification and processing technology, fine graphics adopted three key technologies such as technology and successfully applied to AOI equipment development, 4 patents have been obtained, reported and received six patents for inventions, the Papers of six, provincial and ministerial level a second prize of science and technology. The completion of the project, indicates that China has the field of automated optical inspection equipment to compete with foreign equipment, the strength of the mainstream and improve the detection of China's electronic special equipment and manufacturing standards.