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Adding to the market economy expanded plant

Plant's economic recovery since last year to get a better operating efficiency, including fiscal 2010 have been published widely reported transport machinery (6125-TW) 1.08 yuan per share after-tax earnings from the field (3455-TW) of 5.41 yuan and self- Results pre-tax profit per share 3.22 yuan Chi St Industrial (2467-TW), this year there are plans for expansion.
AOI equipment factory from the field of new technologies bright earnings in 2010, consolidated revenue 1.67 billion yuan, 295 million pretax profit, after-tax surplus of 2.8 billion, after-tax earnings per share reached 5.41 yuan; and after-tax loss of over 2009 25.36 million yuan to achieve turnaround results. New technology from the field last year for operating results, and resolution by the Board of Directors Field allotment of 3.45733 yuan last year, the cash dividend.

Meanwhile, the field with the continued expansion of operations, will handle 80 million yuan in cash capital increase capital case, is expected to raise 400 million yuan from the money market.

PCB and the TFT LCD equipment plant since the end of industrial CSUN 487 million pretax profit in 2010, representing a substantial growth of 312% in 2009, pre-tax profit per share was 3.22 yuan. CSUN industrial merger in 2010 was 3.686 billion yuan revenue, but also a substantial growth compared with 87.9% in 2009.

Meanwhile, CSUN industry now than in the dry process equipment itself, dominate the market, with a strong ambition Liangmao Sheng Chi, chairman of St industry and decision-making and further into the production of wet process equipment, CSUN 40% of industrial investment in Suzhou has a peak Technology shares, a record peak of the largest institutional shareholders of science and technology, the recent record peaks and the resolution increase its investment capital 5,000 million, CSUN is also hoping to take PCB plant to expand production capacity of the ride.

CSUN Pacific Securities Industry optimistic about prospects for this year's earnings, estimated in 2011 CSUN industrial diversification in its equipment suppliers to develop under the consolidated revenue will exceed 5.0 billion, the estimated 669 million after-tax profit CSUN million, after-tax surplus of 4.43 yuan.

Pacific Securities that CSUN industry by the impact of economic rejuvenation, the PCB and semiconductor-related manufacturing equipment to expand production capacity next year, demand for customer Jieyou, this part will be more stable growth this year, flat panel display equipment, CSUN also benefited from a large national panel plant and factory expansion in China and expanded panel factory line needs; new product part of the crystal growth furnace and LED solar-related equipment is expected to ship after another, the old products will be considered outside the company a new growth momentum.

Transport machinery and wide by the CPA in 2010 earnings, revenue 3.56 billion yuan, 219 million pretax profit, after-tax surplus of 232 million yuan, 1.08 yuan per share after-tax surplus.

Guangyun set up more than 35 years of mechanical, automation equipment itself is further along with the export industry in Taiwan and the pulse of the global development of TFT LCD panel production equipment, in addition to the establishment of Tai Chi Energy Technology Group into solar cell production, the extensive transportation machinery further development of the solar cell production equipment introduced TURN KEY.