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China's flat panel industry will usher in a golden age of solar

Solar water heaters within the current world there are two types: vacuum tube solar water heaters, water heaters and flat. Authority statistics show that flat-panel solar water heater in the foreign share of 94.88% of the total, accounting for 2.46% vacuum tube solar water heaters, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and other European countries are dominated by flat, Portugal, Israel, Greece, Brazil country is close to 100%. And foreign markets dominated by flat-panel solar contrast, domestic solar water heater vacuum tube-based products market Zeyi, more than 90% market share.

All-glass vacuum tube accounted for 90% market share in China's solar water heaters, and solar water heaters in rural areas is the main market. As rural housing structure is relatively simple, all-glass vacuum tube solar water heaters are relatively easy to install, plus the rural market with limited purchasing power, low-cost all-glass vacuum tube solar water heaters naturally welcomed by the friends of farmers.

Solar water heaters started in 2009, selected home appliances, has gone through two years, solar water heaters in these two home appliances tender, the successful product is all-tube type, but in the recently concluded 2011 solar water heater home appliances tender, for the first time flat, "shadow", the vacuum tube-based products, "monopolized" the situation will soon change.

Appliances to the countryside in 2011 won the bid for tender flat-panel solar water heater veranda hanging solar energy into the strong, general manager of Beijing Li Jin said that the new rural development and urbanization of rural villages and towns so that there is no previous high-level and multi-storey buildings, but all glass vacuum tube solar water heaters installed in these buildings difficult, and even with the appearance also greatly influenced by the properties which are often blocked, in this context, suitable for installation in high-rise buildings, the overall image of the building after the installation has little effect flat solar will be able to play well past, useless in the rural market in the emerging flat-panel solar energy in rural areas and towns began to show potential market.

In China, the flat panel solar collector back in the 70s last century, began production and application, and in the 80s of last century the solar thermal industry occupies a dominant position. However, due to technical and structural defects, flat panel solar water heater there is less frost resistance of antifreeze and other issues, their status was effective insulation, low-cost vacuum tube water heater of the shake, shrinking market share year after year, after nearly 10 years continues to decline , flat panel solar water heater has less than 10% share, but this situation or will change. Li Qiang, general manager of Beijing into the solar energy into that in the current trend of building integrated solar energy, the vacuum tube products can not be confined, easy bombing, high maintenance and other shortcomings in the practice and application of solar energy in construction gradually exposed; and flat panel solar In the process, product quality, system design and installation of antifreeze antifreeze, etc., have made great strides. In terms of overall appearance, structural strength, performance, or from the maintenance, operation and other aspects of life, flat solar collectors have a high cost, for the supply of domestic hot water and heating, the vacuum tube collector with more a distinct advantage.

Experts believe that solar thermal, solar energy and building integrated in the trend, flat panel technology has improved, large-scale production will reduce costs, flat panel solar water heater industry in China will usher in not only business opportunities, and with the introduction of national policy, domestic market demand and production companies to enhance ongoing efforts, China's flat panel solar energy industry will usher in a golden age.