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The Butterfly Effect tidal wave of price hikes show the approach of the first appliance

Upstream raw material prices, electrical recovery of the butterfly effect the new regulations appear, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators and other white goods will usher in the first wave of increases in 2011.

According to Evening News reported on January 14, copper prices, rising steel prices, rising oil prices, coal prices rose! With the upstream raw material prices such as bullets flying, the words "waste electrical and electronic product recycling regulations," the follow-up effect gradually revealed to air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, water heaters, stoves and other appliances will usher in 2011, the traditional first wave bullish trend.

Upstream raw material prices "rise in the price," continued

With several major raw material prices soaring, many domestic appliance manufacturers seem to have lost the patience to do anything.

Early last year, 12 months from the start, the international copper prices since exceeded 9,000 U.S. dollars / ton, after repeatedly refresh the historic highs. Shanghai futures market data show that within six months copper prices rose 32% year on year, while steel prices rose for two consecutive months the momentum will continue into the first quarter of this year.

In the chatter of the rise in the price, the lower reaches of the appliance manufacturers have been unable to keep calm. "Air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, smoke machines, cookers, sterilizing cabinet, water heaters and other mainstream brands across multiple product lines, one after another, or will have 5% -10% of the price increases." Said one channel, on the one hand existing part of the mainstream products on the price increase; the other hand, for the 2011 product line strategy adjustments, most of the air conditioner manufacturers have turned to high-end air-conditioning will be mass-produced products.

Electronics recycling butterfly effect the new regulations appear

Prices as another potential motivation of the "waste electrical and electronic products recycling regulations," will also be beginning to show the butterfly effect.

Beginning this year, the state will first begin to include treatment of waste electrical and electronic products catalog (the first) television, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners and electrical waste products five computers set up special funds, the relevant manufacturers bear the Fund is required to pay obligations, that is, the recovery of waste electrical appliances manufacturers will pay handling charges.

Although the industry had the same sound is not affected even behind the appliance prices will stabilize, but according to the State Development and Reform Commission recently in the "waste electrical and electronic products, the principles of treatment and level of fund collection" in the calculation carried out:

Refrigerator to be addressed such as freon and waste plastic foam, each treatment costs about 10 yuan to 12 yuan; air conditioning due to a large number of metals including copper, have a certain level of profitability, each about 5 yuan to 7 yuan, washing machines cost ibid; TV pollution more serious, the traditional picture tube TV with a lot of leaded glass, handling more difficult, each estimated to be 10 yuan to 12 yuan; calculator each about 13 yuan to 15 yuan.

Insiders have also been calculated result, the specific payment for each category the amount of household appliances may be ex-factory price by 0.5% of new aircraft collection, this way, the major manufacturer of brand new 2011 product prices go up, will inevitably become Many factories have generally adopted a new pricing strategy.