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Amoi is then set by the Chinese domestic mobile phone way talks

December 21, Amoi mobile phones to 135 million price, is that Liu Zhijun based tripartite team in the Bureau of Sichuan Jiuzhou Group and then set the joint venture. At this point, Amoi mobile phones has left the eyes of consumers a full six months, then 135 million offer for Liu Zhijun Amoi mobile assets, the outside world do not have much comment because of excessive competition for the current mobile phone market in China, and Microsoft, Google, China Mobile, Apple , China Unicom, Nokia and other giants of the escalation of fighting, the local mobile phone brand to the future is indeed hard to predict.

Is there really no way out for domestic mobile phone yet? After careful research and interviews, as well as the accumulation of vast amounts of data and research, the author would like to talk today to sell China-made mobile phone in the end what? This article can also hope to re-sail of the Amoi phones Mr Liu Zhijun, as well as some domestic mobile phone brand to bring some insights.

Lack of domestic mobile phone in the end what? Technology? Quality?

This topic seems to have very old, because it seems the monk's head lice, everyone knows. Lack of domestic mobile phone technology company, which may be 90% of people will answer. There are consumers that the domestic mobile phone enterprises lack the quality that the foreign brands of good quality control. But I was not think so.

Since the development of the mobile phone industry since 1999, has moved from independent research and development to the development of the vertical chain, which means that the mobile phone industry has been no so-called core technology. We see that the current mobile phone enterprises including cottage, including all domestic mobile phone enterprises are adopting the MediaTek MTK, Spreadtrum Communications, NXP (NXP) and mature mobile phone programs. As more and more mature technology, so mobile phones are increasingly high degree of integration, BOM list of these programs, you can even find the manufacturer of each component and the average price, so manufacturers do have mobile phones do not need to have a very strong technology.

And the mobile phone industry chain has been shifted from the phone company as the leading mobile phone business as a striker, design house for the center, the chip provider for the defender of the industry chain. In this mode, the domestic mobile phone companies have not said so-called lack of technology, and with the maturity of the technology increased, more and more parts of the integrated high, so more and more low-cost mobile phones, but the quality of mobile phone has been basically stable, will never again be among the mobile phone companies before 2006 because of the strength of purchasing power, technical ability on the strength of a quality a huge difference.

Therefore, I think, is that the current lack of domestic mobile phone technology, the quality of customs, however, this view is outdated. In addition to these two points, of course, there are some who think that we do not fly the national ownership of the 3G standard, will be able to come from behind, which I do not much discussed, because such people do not know mobile phones, so not as a judge objects.

Domestic mobile phone is really no chance it?

The face of the outbreak of the smart phone market, Microsoft, Google, Apple's high-profile entry, as well as Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG are crazy expansion and cottage enterprises to take advantage of low share price erosion of domestic brands, domestic mobile phone is really hopeless Why? The answer is no, because we clearly see that ZTE handsets, Sky Mobile, Lenovo Mobile, Cool phones shipped tens of millions of years, and even began to approach the share of the top five foreign brands, which proved sufficient domestic mobile phone error of pessimism.

Then we go back to the beginning of the issues raised in the article: The domestic mobile phone in the end "sell" anything? I here by "selling" is not selling mobile phones sold, but what made mobile phones in the end have to rely on the measures to achieve competitive differentiation, that is the survival of domestic mobile phone companies what are the conditions. Below, we look at some examples of the survival of domestic mobile phone brands.

The third quarter of 2009, ZTE mobile phone shipments reached 14.2 million, share almost equal to Sony Ericsson. Why can ZTE handsets in the economic crisis sweeping the global situation, still get such a large volume it? The author believes that ZTE handsets are sold "bundled with operators worldwide sales strategy," ZTE to use its services to global telecom operators, dozens of their own advantages, the successful realization of the cell phone bundling. Sky mobile phone sales in 2008 has reached 24 million, more than 5% share, as an example of a mobile phone firms in transition, Tianyu achieve a rapid expansion. Sky Mobile sells "high channel profits", the use of ultra-low prices, good returns to the channel, resulting in a number of domestic mobile phone pushing the main supermarket chains, and vigorously develop the overseas market, which is the reason that sales of Sky 24 million reasons.

In addition to ZTE, Sky, the domestic mobile phone in the live good there Yulong Coolpad, Lenovo Mobile, OPPO phone, I personally think that selling is Cool "to go step by step to play along with the high-end custom operator", Lenovo Mobile is main "fashion line", OPPO is taking the "professional music phone + word of mouth marketing" line. At this point, we see a good living, and several domestic mobile phone companies have not been intimidated by foreign brands, but each have their own survival skills. This is about using marketing jargon, a few domestic mobile phone companies that have found their own advantages and strengths were based on effective strategies and brand positioning.

Therefore, I believe that domestic mobile phone enterprises still have a chance to survive, just to find their own strengths, and develop appropriate strategic positioning, can live well. Unfortunately, TCL, Konka, Bird, Haier and other mobile phone companies are not so smart, they are increasingly fade out of our sight, for obvious reasons is not found in strategic positioning, in other words: they do not know what to sell!

Cross in front of the trap of domestic mobile phone and opportunities

China's current mobile phone market there are many opportunities, as long as they effectively take advantage of these opportunities, domestic mobile phone enterprises will be "happy" to survive. However, to solemnly point: the soft hair force application software store, not the domestic mobile phone opportunities, but a trap, will be bogged down, unable to extricate themselves.

Apple App store we see extremely strong, menacing BlackBerry software stores, Microsoft market place are also ready to go, Google has also been on-line software store, the Chinese mobile market Kaimennake Mobile, Nokia OVI software stores preparations are in full swing ... .... But for domestic mobile phone enterprises, to engage in these software applications without any value, because all the software applications are based on the platform, windows mobile, symbian, iPhone, RIM, Android, OMS-made mobile phones do not belong to these platforms Therefore, if the domestic mobile phone application to do soft, just as rootless duckweed, and value of any life at all. In addition, I also spots one on the "flock of domestic color TV Internet TV," the Review, with the phone the same token, the absence of domestic Internet TV on the platform, copyright, technical standards have strengths and advantages of barriers, the results are is a gimmick.

Since the software application is not made mobile phones the opportunity, then in the end what is the domestic mobile phone opportunity?

First, the smart phone is about to break out. Currently, the price is generally higher than non-smart phone smart machines, and machine-made mobile phones there is no bright spot in the smart, intelligent machines because the hardware and software related to licensing issues, but with the exception of windows mobile and android, other platforms are closed The. But in 2010, MTK based on windows mobile, Huawei Hass on windows mobile, Spreadtrum OMS-based smart phone solutions will come out, this time the outbreak must be the era of smart phones and smart phone prices will plummet , as soon as possible to seize this opportunity to exert smart phones will be able to effectively ahead of the competition.

Second, 3G terminal sales driven popularity. Currently, the domestic mobile phone enterprises not much investment on 3G, because 3G is not popular in China effectively. But as the networks mature, rich mobile Internet applications, 3G in 2010, will usher in rapid development. Operators to follow the pace of 3G mobile phone operators to join the procurement camp, will get many benefits, 600 million yuan of China Mobile TD industrial chain of incentives is an example. But the opportunities will always be there for the people, leaving a clear strategy, excellent brands who are domestic mobile phone business, you is not it?

Third, e-commerce and word of mouth marketing is to do two things. E-commerce in 2010 is undoubtedly the most popular Internet applications, online shopping will be explosive growth in Internet users, mobile phone is the most suitable network such goods sold. Domestic mobile phone business, you in addition to Taobao, pat shop, self B2C mall, but you still thinking about how to use word of mouth marketing to achieve increased sales of mobile phone brands and it?