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Jiangmen LED industry base to build 1.5 billion annual business awards

New or expansion of LED projects, if the equipment investment to reach 50 million yuan, you get 6% of the total investment in capital equipment subsidies, while the project site, technology innovation, can enjoy the right of priority.

The day before yesterday, Jiangmen City, announced "a strategic, Guangdong Province on Accelerating the construction of new industries (Jiangmen green light) the provisional base preferences of the Supplementary Provisions" (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations"), in the special funds, the project investment incentives, technology innovation awards, brand standards and patent incentives to provide huge financial incentives and subsidies to make detailed, pointed out that from 2011, arranged 150 million yuan each year for two consecutive years of special funds to support the city's LED industry.

"Provision" is also special emphasis on incentives for technological innovation, that of major industrial projects, key technology research and development, major projects such as new product development special fund by the LED industry support by tender, a one-time grant 30 million to 100 million subsidies. The companies identified as if the new high-tech enterprises, according to the national 10 million, one-time municipal standard 1 million reward.

Priority land use indicators

According to reports, if the LED projects involving land, the city issued in accordance with the current year has been more than 10% of land use plans the proportion of priority land use indicators, such as land for the project increase the rate of volume, without increasing the land transfer fees.

"Regulations" also encourages enterprises to lead or participate in LED standards, which led the 5 million award to develop local standards, the industry standard 10 million, also led the development of national standards award 150,000 yuan, 50,000 yuan in the development award; led the development of international Standard award 25 million, involved in the development Award 10 million.