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HDI PCB industry, including this year's board, stock prices soared soft MILL

As electronic products to the light, thin, short, small, in addition to driving high-density interconnect (HDI) demand, the demand for soft board the Great Leap Forward, produced by the Center under the Industrial Technology Research Institute (IEK) statistics, the output value of the next 2 years will be FPC respectively, to 68.1 billion U.S. dollars, 7.73 billion U.S. dollars size, growth rate would be 13%, better than the PCB board next year, the growth rate of about 10%, soft boards, HDI boards will become the most prosperous smart phone applications, electronic products, new applications Traditional PCB Industry for a glimmer of life.

Driven by the smart phone this year, including the HDI board PCB industry, soft MILL stock soared, particularly in large-scale investment trust recently bought the most red HDI board stocks, China stock has been successfully break through the net, a large investment trust last week to buy Yaohua , one-week-old bought 15,900, becoming the first investment trust to buy over, in addition, Yan Xing, Hua Tong, and Jia Luen Yick such shares, is also the best corporate account representative for the end of the year.

IEK said that with the economic recovery, new product applications innovation, will drive the growth of industrial output value of the soft board to the annual distribution, will be watching this year's FPC value $ 6,030,000,000, an annual growth of 10.3% in 2011, 2012 terms of the estimated $ 6,810,000,000, $ 7,730,000,000 of scale, and the other IEK also quoted Gartner (Gartner) data estimates the 2012 market size of mobile phone functionality point of view 1.6 billion, smart phones will exceed 500 million, intelligent pulled a large scale penetration of cell phones, soft board industry, will bring enormous business opportunities, in addition, multi-module will drive the demand for soft board.

As the soft light panel, flexible features, development and application of infinite imagination of space, so the output value of growth above the PCB. Printed circuit board in this year's International Application Show (TPCA Show) on, TPCA quote data, PCB production value is expected to substantial growth this year, 17.8%, in addition to relatively low base, economic recovery, the next year is expected to grow another 10%, although the overall value larger than the soft board, soft board, but the growth rate is still winning.