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IPad two generation next season comes out new function challenge PCB Technology

Taiwan media reports, the second generation of Apple iPad (net purchase lowest price 3799 yuan) will come out in the first quarter of next year, rumored to be new dual lens, video calling and other five functions. Component supply chain is expected to add a large set of light, jade, crystal light, new, Hong Jie Branch and Tripod, the assembly plant is still Hon Hai, Taiwan's technology companies next year as revenue Dabu pills.
Industry and the spread, the second generation iPad will add five features, including video phones, smaller and more light, increase the USB slot, the new display technology, the new three-axis gyro sensor.
New changes in the supply chain affects the Taiwanese companies, mainly in two major projects and volume of video calls.
Increase in the new video phone features, the means will be accompanied by positive and negative sides of the lens, including the iPhone's large established supplier of light, jade crystal light, new and macro QSL will be the new iPad benefit stocks.
In the volume parts, the first generation of Pad 9.7 inch screen, the second generation will likely reduce the size, take the thinner line is the key technology will be thinner glass.
Hon Hai's the positive of the first generation iPad is a supplier, the second generation product is expected in technical sophistication, is expected to enhance product profitability.
At the same time the printed circuit board must reduce the size, rumor Tripod suppliers will be added, but declined to respond to Tripod.
The trade rumors, Hon Hai is the second generation is still the most important assembly plant iPad. In response to demand for Apple's subsequent order of Hon Hai, Chengdu plant 11 (online shopping lowest price 7370 yuan) mid-volume production, will be the Longhua plant, the second production base iPad. New ordinary battery factory, cis Dakota, will continue shipping the first generation, second generation iPad a supplier; chassis plant should be the first generation of Chinese iPad orders received after the first three quarters of tens of millions of profit, compared with same period last year loss of more than billion Taiwan dollars, is now operating a large transfer, with the advent of second generation iPad, orders can also synchronize warming.