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China into the world's largest LCD TV market

Yesterday, the foreign investigation agencies quoted DisplaySearch research professional display that China will leap ahead of the world's largest LCD TV market. China sales this year will reach about 40 million units next year, and even scale up to 46 million units.

"In the LCD TV industry in the control panel business is undoubtedly the right to speak is the biggest beneficiary of China's color TV market," Paller, senior director of consulting Luo Qingqi in the phrase. China's panel industry is accelerating foreign chain layout.

Samsung, LG panel project will fall

The latest news that the Chinese government has approved the Samsung Electronics and LG Display Companies in China's Suzhou and Guangzhou Construction LCD production plant. The areas of China Taiwan AU Optronics, Chi Mei Electronics and Japan's Sharp and other companies are looking forward to building approval LCD plant in China. China has become the largest LCD TV production base in the trend has been revealed.

Luo Qingqi cautioned, domestic color TV enterprises can not other people's footsteps, the LCD panel industry has been a disadvantage to be in the next generation display technology to strengthen research and development, or China's color TV market will always be controlled by others.