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China's first 8th generation line will start in the new station

Following China's first 6th generation LCD panel production line - 17, Hefei project BOE mass production, the press 18 from Hefei City Government hosted the "China Hefei key raw materials and equipment, flat panel display manufacturing Localization Summit" was informed that the first domestic an 8th generation line also will soon start the construction of the new station area, Hefei will strive to create a pan-Metro semiconductor industry.

"China, Hefei, key raw materials and equipment, flat panel display manufacturing Localization Summit" sponsored by the government of Hefei, Hefei New Station Comprehensive Development Experimental Zone, China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association LCD Branch of the contractor.

New Station District, responsible person at the forum said that state-level flat panel display industry base in Hefei has entered a new stage of development, following the BOE 6 Line 17 the amount of post-partum, the first 8th generation line will soon be in the near future to start in the new station area construction, the second generation of line 8 is also planned.

It is reported that the new station area FPD suppliers existing 12 enterprises, including the glass substrate Rainbow Project, Hefei BOE Semiconductor, Air Liquide AL, Hefei Ming Han E, Han Bo Advanced Materials, Hefei BOE display light source, east, etc. equipment suppliers and providers giant color will soon pass into the area, supporting industries of electronic information has been initially formed chains and clusters.

Currently, the new station area at the national Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and the support of the established industrial base, "four-step" development strategy: first, the introduction of the core projects, planning two 8th generation line, a line of 10 generations, and OLED project; the second step, the cultivation of industrial chain; the third step, gathering raw materials to achieve; the fourth step, to achieve localization of equipment manufacturing, attract and equipment manufacturers, construction equipment production and export base.

Under the new station area, the long-term goals, by 2015 total industrial investment of over 1,500 billion yuan, annual output value of 300 billion yuan, to build the flat panel display-oriented, photovoltaic, semiconductor lighting, integrated circuits, new materials and other industrial collaboration Metro Pan semiconductor industry development.