Multifunction pulse modulation frequency electrotherapy project resolution - high-precision circuit board copy board

  With the rapid development of the PCB precision processing technology, in areas of the circuit board copy board, Shenzhen Tang Technology as a leader, has been imitated, never surpassed. Tang technology combined with the latest EDA design software, a professional copy board technical personnel and advanced technology, cloning of single, double, multilayer (up to 30 layers) PCB board of various blind and buried vias The work of the a difficult circuit board copy board, multifunction pulse modulation frequency electrotherapy copy board, is another success story of our company in the field of copy board. Following the introduction of the multi-function pulse modulation frequency electrotherapy:
Performance characteristics
1.AB two-channel synchronous / asynchronous output, built-in 90 kinds of treatment prescription.
2 of five treatments: two IF two drug guide, two-way audio, all the way to interfere with Quad hyperthermia.
Step 3. Program IF current therapy 20 prescription.
4. Pulse frequency modulation current therapy prescription.
5 sinusoidal modulation frequency current therapy prescription.
6 audio current therapy prescription.
7. Interference current therapy 30 prescription.
8 drug iontophoresis.
9. Hyperthermia.
Working conditions
1, ambient temperature: 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.
2, relative humidity: ≤ 80%.
Atmospheric pressure: 500hPa ~ 1060hPa.
4, Working voltage: AC 220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 1Hz.
Input power: 110VA + 11VA.
【Technical parameters]
Operating frequency: the 2kHz ~~ 8 kHz, error ± 10%.
Output current: 500 load, the maximum output current should be not less than 50mA, output current limit should be not more than 100mA error of ± 10%. And should be within the minimum to maximum output continuously adjustable.
3, the modulation frequency range: not narrower than 0Hz ~ 150Hz.
4, modulation amplitude: 0% to 100%, the error is ± 5%.
5, modulation waveform: square wave, triangle wave, sine wave, exponential wave, sawtooth wave.
6, difference frequency range: not narrow in of 0Hz ~~ 100Hz.
7, dynamic rhythm: 4s ~ 10s.
Difference frequency change cycle: 15s ~ 30s.
9, pulsating DC output voltage (iontophoresis): not more than 100V.
10, treatment time: 10 min ~~ 45min error of ± 10%.
The 11 electrode heating temperature: room temperature ~~ 55 ° C.
12, Fuse: 1A, Φ5mm × 20mm.
13, security type: I, BF type.
14 Operating system: intermittent load continuous operation.
15 Dimensions: 434mm × 308mm × 115mm.
16, Weight: 5kg.
  1.Soft tissue injuries, neck, vertebrae, shoulders, waist, legs, pain, laryngitis, neuritis, peripheral nerve injury, osteoarthritis, annex inflammation, pelvic inflammatory disease, ptosis of the stomach, constipation, keloids, postoperative adhesions, sports after treatment and the role of adjuvant therapy fatigue and other illnesses.
  2. Has analgesic anti-inflammatory, softening scar lax adhesions, muscles, and promote the role of local blood circulation.
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