Audio and video digital high-definition network server copy pcb board

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The standards H.264 video compression format
Support 720P, SVGA, XGA, D1, Half D1, CIF format (including 720P, SVGA, XGA HD exclusive)
Video bit rate 32Kbps ~ 4Mbps continuously adjustable (HD Equipment 32Kbps ~ 8Mbps continuously adjustable)
Picture delay of less than 200 milliseconds (local area network)
Embedded Web services, support IE browser, configuration, upgrade
Support dynamic domain name, LAN, WAN access
Support two-way voice intercom
Support dual stream network transmission and local storage is completely independent
Support completely transparent RS232 and RS485 interface
Support image capture, video
The expansion feature-rich, it supports two SATA hard disk interface, USB interface, SD card interface
2 Technical Specifications
Specifications and parameters
Hass 3511
Video System
Support NTSC or PAL format
Video compression mode
H.264 1/2/4/8 channels independently coded
Frame rate
25 frames / sec (P system), 30 frames / sec (N system) (adjustable) down
Audio compression standard
G.711 or G.722
Video encoding size
HD: 720P, SVGA _AT_ 60Hz, SVGA _AT_ 75Hz, the XGA _AT_ 60Hz, XGA _AT_ 75Hz
D1: 704 × 576, Half D1: 704 × 288 CIF: 352 × 288
(May be specific to different models)
Picture delay
Less than 200 milliseconds (LAN)
Image adjustment
Brightness, contrast, chroma, saturation, image quality level adjustment
Supported resolution
HD: 1280 × 720,1024 × 768,800 × 600
PAL: 720 × 576,352 × 288
NTSC: 720 × 480,352 × 240
Trigger events and actions
Trigger conditions: time / alarm input / video motion detection, video loss action: relay output control peripherals.
Communication Interface
RJ45 10M/100M adaptive Ethernet port, RS232 port, RS485 port
Storage Interface
USB port, SD card interface
Other optional interface
Optional two SATA hard disk interface
Embedded WEB services
Support IE browser, configure, upgrade
Dynamic Domain Name
Built-in DDNS client, configuration become the second-level domain names to facilitate dynamic IP users
Video Input
HD: 1 set of YPbPr inputs; 1 channel VGA input
The the D1: 1,2,4 channel composite video signal (cvbs) interface, the physical interface: 1.0Vp-p/75Ω/BNC interface;
CIF: 1, 2, 4, 8, composite video signals (cvbs) interface, the physical interface: 1.0Vp-p/75Ω/BNC interface.
Video output
1 analog video interface, the physical interface: 1.0Vp-p/75Ω/BNC interface
Audio Input
1 channel microphone and 1,2,4,8-route input (may be specific to different models)
Audio output
1 channel BNC interface output, 1 headphone output
Alarm input \ output
4 alarm inputs, 4 alarm outputs
Three-layer password protection
Recommended to support the number of users
System Requirements
CPU: PIII or higher
Memory: 96M or higher
Display: 17-inch @ 1024 × 768 to obtain an optimal display
Operating Temperature
-10 ℃ ~ +55 ℃
Operating Humidity
Below 85% RH
Machine size
275 (L) * 46.5 (H) * 157 (W) mm (1/2/4 road without a hard disk D1 encoder)
485 (L) * 46.5 (H) * 261.5 (W) mm (1/2/4 road with hard disk D1 encoder)
333 (L) * 46.5 (H) * 206 (W) mm (with hard drive without hard disk 1/2/4/8 Road CIF encoder)
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