Streaming video capture card PCB reverse research and development

  Shenzhen ShengTang Technology specializes in electronic product PCB copy board, PCB system board, SMT processing, circuit board processing, OEM supporting processing agent electronic components production and other services. Currently has a number of high-level technical backbone and front-line operatives, to ensure product quality to provide a reliable guarantee, processed products Jiaoyan the pass rate of more than 95%. The company also continued to introduce advanced welding equipment to ensure that it meets the demand for replacement of electronic products at home and abroad. The following is a streaming video capture card PCB reverse research and development case, for your reference!
Streaming video capture card is a high-performance analog and digital video capture card, in order to achieve the highest levels of performance, flexibility and reliability and seamless connectivity for high-end broadcast
Performance characteristics:
 1 composite video (Composite), S terminal and SDI digital video input
 2, balanced, unbalanced and AES / EBU digital audio input
 3, support for multi-channel embedded digital audio SDI input
 4, the real-time monitoring of analog audio / video output
 5, the use of advanced signal equalization processing for a long time the SDI signal (handling long SDI cables)
 6, the DMA buffer to achieve ultra-high performance (full frame 30fps)
 7, hardware audio gain control
 8,Extraction from analog and SDI input closed captioning
 9, AVI or extended AVI capture a perfect match and a variety of the most popular third-party video editing Streaming Software
 10, the hardware of the video image cropping and bitmap overlay
 11, support for 64-bit PCI-X bus, backward compatible with PCI bus
 12, superimposed architecture allows for multiple Osprey-530 used on the same PC
 13, support Simulstream
 14 for Niagara SCX remote encoder management and control optimization
 15, comes with analog video, analog audio and AES / EBU digital audio input cable
 16, including audio and video output cable to monitor the selected input
 17, 16x9 acquisition marked with Wide Screen Signaling (WSS) flag (Wide Screen Signaling (WSS) flag for 16x9 capture)
 18, when the video signal is lost, a custom message displayed on the color chart
Technical Specifications:
 Video Resolution: Optional, industry standard until full SD
 Video Input: SDI, composite video (BNC), S terminal
 Supports SDI cable length of 350 meters
 Audio input: balanced stereo (2 x XLR), unbalanced stereo (2 x RCA), embedded SDI, AES / EBU digital audio (XLR)
 Video output: composite video (BNC), S terminal
 Audio Output: Unbalanced stereo line (2 x RCA)
 Support 64-bit/66MHz PCI-X interface
 Compatible 32-bit/33MHz PCI
 Supports 3.3 V PCI 2.3
Division I SMT process flow generally include: printing (or dispensing) -> Mount -> (curing) -> reflow soldering -> Cleaning -> test -> rework surface mount technology, Division I developed a strict system to ensure that every processing sectors SMT / BGA placement accuracy. If you have any needs in this area, welcome to contact us for us to help you out, shorten the development cycle.