ShengTang successfully cloned Case - Electronic Patrol

 ShengTang Technology has successfully completed the whole clone copy of the electronic patrol, this product can be used for residential quarters, hotels, buildings, warehouses, factories, mines, schools, parks, scenic areas such as security and management of the fire patrol. Railway, electricity, oil, telecommunications, airports, municipal equipment inspection management. And regularly targeted police patrols, public transport, the armed forces, postal, logistics assessment.
1, sturdy alloy case, to ensure that the internal electronic equipment from shock and accidental damage
2 9V alkaline batteries can be reading one million times, built-in maintenance lithium batteries can be used 10 years of data, and can store up to 5000 records at once, built-in clock accurate records of each Time
, Foreign imported information button i-Button (chip) with factory default can not be changed only coding, no electricity, metal packaging, waterproof anti-corrosion, suitable for harsh outdoor environments, reading the number of 300,000 times, The life of more than 20 years.
4, Interrogator RS232 communication interface with a computer serial communication, transfer rate 19200B / S
Basic principles:
Select a few representative points in the inspections of the line and install a different number of information group, inspections inspectors to each point on each of these points with handheld inspection stick touch the information button, the information on behalf of the points and to reach the point of time and recorded in the patrol rod. After the completion of the inspections, patrol stick to the management staff. Patrol stick by ODK-2008B communication data to the computer to save processing, punctuality, delays, missed statistical analysis, recording and assessment inspections situation (staff, location, time, events, etc.).
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