The monitor distribution automation machine cloning and handover

    ShengTang Technology Distribution Automation monitor clone the handover with customers, distribution automation monitor distribution automation the core monitoring unit of the device design, operation control circuit and power supply, communication terminal and chassis used in conjunction, constitute the column switch ringnetwork cabinet monitoring device. The monitor fully functional versatility, can easily change the configuration word to adapt to different application requirements, and can also be specially designed according to the special requirements of the user.
◎ the SCADA measurement and control functions, that is, telemetry, remote signaling, remote control functions.
◎ short circuit fault detection function
◎ small current ground-fault detection
◎ remote communication function, support DNP3.0 the IEC60870.5-101 ministerial CDT, SC1801 and other communication protocol
◎ provide LonWorks LAN interface
◎ data forwarding, forwarding near other smart devices (such TTU) data
◎ the maintenance of the communication port to connect a PC or portable machine running communication through the mouth, can be remote or local online tuning device users word, thus changing the operating mode of the device and work status
◎ device self-test function, able to report operating status and fault information
◎ process well-designed machine maximum power dissipation ≤ 4W
◎ can run in the cold, harsh environments such as high temperature and high humidity
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