Megawin AND STC MCU interchangeable Model

Megawin Technology Megawin_8051 Megawin (Megawin) 8051 series main advantages:
1) ISP SPACE burning program online.
2) IAP SPACE in applications over the process, you can set the encryption, the other is able to use FLASH section when the EEPROM, the growth in the service life of the product itself, I believe we all know that the the FLASH write endurance is probably 200,000 times EEPROM write endurance is 1 million times.
3) ESD antistatic antistatic capacity of 6000V and general brand on the market can only reach 3000V.
4) strong anti-jamming part, to prevent the impact due to the voltage-current magnetic field or the relay interference and vibration impact of these problems can be solved in our high strength anti-jamming capability.
5) drift floating in space at the 4%, the results of actual laboratory testing in 2% within.
6) Taiwan semiconductor Megawin vote studios the TSMC. MEGAWIN 8051 Series products are widely used in mahjong machines, cash registers, electric bicycles and a variety of instruments and other electronic products. Please refer to the the Megawin official website: Megawin
The Megawin 89E series replace STC series
MPC89L/E54 STC89C54RD +
MPC89L/E58 STC89C55RD +
MPC89L/E58 STC89E58RD +
MPC89L/E515 STC89C516RD +

Replace ATMEL 89 Series
Alternative AT89C51
Alternative AT89S51
Alternative AT89C52
Alternative AT89S52
Alternative AT89C53
Alternative AT89C54
Alternative AT89C55

The MPC82 series completely replaced STC12 series

STC 82E52
MPC82E52 STC12C1052 STC12C1052AD STC12C2052 STC12C2052AD
STC12C4052 STC12C4052AD STC12C5052 STC12C5052AD

82L52 Series
MPC82L52 STC12LE1052 STC12LE1052AD STC12LE2052 STC12LE2052AD
STC12LE4052 STC12LE4052AD STC12LE5052 STCLE5052AD

82E54 series
MPC82E54 STC12C54
02 STC12C5402AD STC12C5404 STC12C5404AD
STC12C5406 STC12C5406AD STC12C5408 STC12C5408AD
  STC12C5410 STC12C5410AD STC12C5412 STC12C5412AD

82L54 Series
MPC82L54 STC12LE5402 STC12LE5402AD STC12LE5404 STC12LE5404AD
STC12LE5406 STC12LE5406AD STC12LE5408 STC12LE5408AD
STC12LE5410 ST12LE5410AD STC12LE5412 STC12LE5412AD