Smartphone electronic compass a full set of solutions/HMC5843

Smartphone electronic compass a full set of solutions / HMC5843


Main chip: Honeywell HMC5843 3-axis digital output magnetoresistive sensor


1 digital output: I2C digital output interface, in accordance with the I2C communication protocol directly read the sensor data

2, Size:
LCC package, suitable for mass production use.

3, the precision of 1-2 degrees, built-in SET / RESET circuit.

4, low power consumption: sleep mode -2.5 microampere
Measurement of mode-0.8mA max.

5, the hardware and software with a comprehensive plan to support, to ensure your product listed on the shortest time


1, the size of 4x4x1.3mm
LCC package, 20PIN, built-in ASIC, amplifiers, 12-bit A/D conversion, the SET / RESET circuit.

2, the HMC5843 I2C interface directly to the digital output three-axis sensor information available MCU intuitive to read, op. Design easy to use and external requires only two capacitors can get, if you hang an acceleration sensor to compensate, you can get higher accuracy.

3, low power consumption and high accuracy. With two magnetically coupled with a current chip: with a bias current, set / reset current with Honeywell's patented technology, can effectively eliminate stray magnetic field, temperature drift, amplifier offset and drift effects .

4, De Sida is the Honeywell magnetoresistive product line in China authorized agents, Our company can provide the electronic compass hardware and software turnkey solutions, shorten time to market your product. In the mobile phone market, the electronic compass as a new selling point, hot spots, has been widely used in mobile phones, PDA above. Nokia 6210,5410, Asus, Google, Iphone smart phone has mass production.