pcb circuit board copy board method

PCB copy board technology has been very mature and perfect, the board is the first to take down the board to scan the records detailed component location, and then to remove the components made of the components of materials (BOM table) and arrange for the procurement of materials empty plates scanned into the picture by the copy board software to handle the pcb board map file restore, and then the PCB file sent to plate factory system board, the board made after purchasing the components soldered to the PCB board made, and then After a circuit board testing and debugging can be.
The specific steps are as follows:
 The first step, to get a piece of the PCB, the first record on paper all the vitality of the model parameters, and location, especially in the direction of the diode, the direction of the three tubes, IC gap. Best digital camera photos of two vitality location.
Pcb board is getting advanced above the diode transistor and some do not pay attention to not see.
The second step, remove all devices, remove the tin component vias. Washer water board clean, and then placed in the scanner when the scanner needs to slightly increase the number of scanned pixels, in order to get a clearer image. Water paper yarn a slight polish, top and bottom copper films polished to shine into the scanner, start PHOTOSHOP, two layers were swept into the color.
Note the PCB placed in the scanner must be smooth vertical and horizontal, or scanned images can not be used.
 The third step is to adjust the contrast of the canvas, shading, so that part of the copper film, sharp contrast and no part of the copper film, check whether the lines clear, if it is not clear, repeat this step.
If clear, the survival BMP, and the bottom of BMP-color BMP format file top-level, if it is found that the graphics can also use PHOTOSHOP to repair and amend.
 Fourth step, the two image file formats, respectively, with the Tang Dynasty copy board software into PROTEL99 format files transferred PROTEL99 in two layers, such as two layers of different pads and through-hole location is coincident, indicating that the first few steps to do well, if there is bias, then repeat the third step.
So pcb copy board is a very patient, because of little issues will affect the matching degree of quality and copy board.
 The fifth step, the TOP layer of BMP converted to the toplayer pcb file, Note to be converted to the SILK layer is that layer of yellow, and then you the toplayer layer description line it wants to, and placed under the second step of drawing devices. Unfinished after the SILK deleted. Repeated until the drawing all the layers.

The sixth step, transferred in PROTEL99 will toplayer the PCB and the PCB, BottomLyer together as a graph on OK. The final work is the calibration must be careful to avoid error, to bring a lot of inconvenience.
The seventh step, a laser printer TopLayer, BottomLyer print to transparencies (1:1 ratio), the film into a piece of the PCB, a comparison is wrong, and if yes, you're done.
An original board copy board was born, but this is only half finished. Also tested electronic technical performance of the test copy board is not the same as the original board.
If it really is complete.
 Note: If the multilayer also carefully polished to the lining of the inside, while repeating the third to the fifth step of copy board steps, of course, the naming of the graphics, according to the number of layers, usually double-sided copy board
simple than the multilayer, multi-layer copy board is prone to a bit inaccurate, multilayer copy board should be particularly careful and cautious (in which the internal vias and vias are prone to problems).
The double sided copy plate method:
A. Scan of the upper and lower surface of the circuit board, deposits two BMP picture.
Open the copy board software, "file" to open the base map "to open a scanned picture.
Pageup enlarge the screen, see the pad, place a pad according to PP, see the line PT traces ... like kids drawings painted again in the software, the "Save" file to generate a B2P.
3 and then point to "file" to open the base map to open another layer scanning color pictures;
Then "File" "Open, open the the B2P file previously saved, we can see just copied a good board, stacked on top of this picture - with a PCB board, hole in the same position, only the connections .
So we press the "Options" - "Layer Settings", where close to display the top line and screen printing, leaving just the multi-layer vias.
 5 top-level through-hole and the bottom picture on the hole in the same location, now we like the childhood drawings, like delineate the bottom line on it.
And then "Save" - ​​when the B2P have the top and bottom two layers of information.
6. File Export for PCB file, you can get a PCB has two data files can then change the board or schematic or sent directly to the PCB plate factory production.
Multilayer copy board copy plate method with single and double panel:
In fact, the four-layer board copy board is to repeat the copy two pairs of panels, six-story is to repeat the copy three pairs of panels ..., multi-layer was daunting, because we can not see the alignment of its internal. A sophisticated multilayer, how we see the inner universe?
- Stratification.
Tiered approach, syrup corrosion tool stripping, etc., but it is easy to layer points too much loss of information.
Experience tells us that sanding is the minimum destruction of the safest and best guarantee of the original board circuit board.
When we copied the top of the bottom of the PCB, are generally the way of sanding worn surface shows the inner; ordinary sandpaper, sandpaper hardware stores sell tile the PCB, then press and hold the sandpaper on the PCB uniform friction (If the board is very small, can also be tiled sandpaper with a finger to press and hold the PCB in the sandpaper on the friction).
The point is to be paved, so can be worn uniform.
The grinding plate is layered with the most popular program is the most economic.
    The Tang www.pcbmcu.com particularly reminders, please choose a regular pcb copy board. Tang can give you a complete pcb file (including the package of the pcb component library, a network of link relationships). Currently on the market provided by the individual companies is not a library package components and the pcb copy board do not have any network, file, and brought a lot of inconvenience to the latter part of the pcb board to board.