Circuit board copy is legitimate

pcb copy board legal dispute
    PCB copy board belong to the scope of the reverse engineering, since the birth of the whole concept, it has been in a wide range of dispute under the method of reverse engineering plays a huge role in the development of IC industry, the world manufacturers are all using this ways to understand the development of the products of others, if this behavior is strictly prohibited and will impact on the progress of IC technology, States in the legislation under certain conditions, see this as an infringement exception. To the concept of teaching, analysis and evaluation of a layout-design, technology or circuit used in the layout-design, logical structure, component configuration, copy the layout-design, based on this analysis and evaluation of the results applied to the original layout design based fabrication of integrated circuits shall not be deemed as infringement. However, simply copy others protected layout-design and production of integrated circuits for the purpose of business sales, should be regarded as infringement.
 Published by the Chinese Supreme People's Court in January 2007 on the hearing of the application of the law of unfair competition, civil cases, the interpretation of the provisions of the commercial secrets obtained through self-developed or reverse engineering, not identified as the Anti-Unfair Competition Law a violation of the terms of the trade secrets act.
 The judicial interpretation of the provisions of reverse engineering is through technical means products obtained from the open channel to be demolished, mapping, analysis of the product technical information. Among the parties aware of others' trade secrets by improper means, after reverse engineering the grounds advocated to obtain a legitimate act, not support it.
 The judicial interpretation of the formal implementation with effect from February 1, 2007.
Formal copy board unit agencies are clearly defined, where reverse engineering customers in the company, there must be a legitimate design copyright source statement, promise to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the copyright holder of the original design, and require customers to reverse the outcome of mainly used for legitimate purposes of teaching, analysis, technical research. Meanwhile, the reverse engineering is committed to the secondary development of the original product design ideas, analysis and data extraction circuit schematic, add a new design concept and functional modules in the product design, rapid innovation to upgrade and update the original product on the basis of updating, and help enhance the overall competitiveness of the electronics industry.
  ShengTang serious you are prompted to copy board business conduct is a violation of trade secrets, please choose carefully.