Automobile exhaust analyzer circuit board copy board Case Study

Regardless of optical infrared and electrochemical sensors are the major components of CO, HC, CO2, NOX and O2, measurement in the automotive exhaust analysis. Applicable to the environmental protection department and vehicle maintenance, security, road inspection and other vehicle exhaust emissions testing occasions.
Main features and functions
Long life: The instrument uses a multi-component optical components, no moving parts and key components imported.
The wide measuring range: applied to determination of motorcycles and all kinds of car exhaust gases.
Easy to operate: the whole Chinese screen prompts, suitable for China.
Fast response: The instrument response time T90 <10s.
Warm-up time is short: the instrument to warm up completed within 1min.
Data security: The instrument can automatically print the 30s the highest value of each group were measured, minimum and averages.
Easy to carry: the equipment is small, light weight, AC and DC.
Ergonomic appearance: the apparatus according to ergonomic principles of design, horizontal operation, the health of staff.
The main technical indicators
The scope of the project measurement accuracy resolution
CO 0.00 ~ 10.00% Vol ± 2% to 0.01% Vol
10.01 to 15.00% Vol ± 3%
CO2 0.00 ~ 16.00% Vol ± 3% to 0.01% Vol
16.01 to 20.00% Vol ± 5%
0 ~ 2000PPm ± 4% 1PPm
2001 ~ 5000PPm, ± 5%
HC (in hexane) 0 ~ 2000PPm ± 3% 1PPm
2000 ~ 13000PPm, ± 5%
O2 0.00 ~ 25.00% Vol ± 0.5% to 0.01% Vol
Working power supply: AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz ± or DC12V (car battery power)
Instrument power consumption: about 20W
Dimensions: approximately 270 (W) x 300 (D) × 130 (H) mm.
Host weight: about 4kg

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