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Product brief introduction
  U1600A series digital oscilloscope has 4.5 inch LCD color display, able to clear the area is divided into two channels between waveform. U1600A series consists of two models: U1602A - 20MHz and U1604A - 40MHz oscilloscope oscilloscope. Each model provides high 200MSa / s sampling rate. The user can use a double waveform arithmetic ( DWM ) and fast Fourier transform ( FFT ) function ( U1604A ), in time domain and in frequency domain for fast waveform analysis.
Product parameters
Three in one solution: dual channel oscilloscope, the real RMS DMM and real-time data recording program
4.5" large colour LCD displayAs high as 40MHz of bandwidth, support advanced trigger
As high as 200MSa / s sampling rate125000 point / channel waveform memory depth ( maximum record length )
 6000 DMM resolution, providing 22 kinds of automatic measuring function
  11 built-in measurement functions, including voltage, resistance meter and the auxiliary instrument
  Scaling and double waveform arithmetic functions ( U1604A )
  Through the PC Link application software to conduct a comprehensive remote control and data transmissionUSB1.1 full interface connection capability
  Multi language support quick help
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