Digital television integrated machine PCB printed circuit board

  One digital TV in a built-in tuner that can directly receive, play high-definition programming signal, to achieve "full digital audio and video processing, but also to avoid loss of quality of the HD signal transmission, the conversion process. In terrestrial high-definition digital television signals transmitted under the premise of the audience directly open the TV will be able to watch high-definition digital TV programs, and thus is considered to be a true digital TV.
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  After the so-called "machine", that is, the digital receiver, decode and display integration no longer need to set-top boxes, digital to complete the analog channel is closed, "one" on the called digital TV, or simply called TV. The real digital TV must be built-in digital TV tuner, can receive and decode digital television programming source, this TV is generally called "digital TV one. The high level of integration compared to analog TV and set-top box, digital TV one can achieve full digital, is the most ideal viewing, representing the future direction of development of digital TV. The same time, to achieve a full built-in, to avoid the messy wiring, as well as saving space, ease of use.
One of the digital TV features:
1, signal processing and transmission quality is determined by the source.
2, easy storage of the signal, independent of storage time and the characteristics of signals.
3, digital television data compression technology.
, Digital technology can be time-division multiplexing, and make full use of channel capacity.
5, the compressed digital television signal after digital modulation can be various forms of high-quality broadcast.
6, with openness and compatibility.
7, it is reasonable to use different types of spectrum resources.
8, in the synchronous transfer mode (STM) communication network, can realize the dynamic combination of multiple services.
9, it is easy to implement the password measures, ie, encryption / decryption processing / interference, and to facilitate professional applications (including military) as well as the application of data broadcasting services.
10, is scalable and can be divided into polar and interoperability, easy to spread in all kinds of communication channels, especially the asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) network and China Unicom also facilitate computer network.
11, change the way people accept the way of television.
12, the digital television will greatly change the structure of the information appliance market.
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