G-class high-speed fiber optic card board copy board and the board of FC fiber optic network card copy board

  In fact we often say that the fiber network card refers to the HBA, Fibre Channel network. Different, network cards can be divided into three due to the transport protocol, one Ethernet card, the second FC NIC, three iSCSI NIC.

  FC NIC: generally called the fiber-optic network card, the scientific name of the Fibre Channel HBA. Transport protocol for Fibre Channel protocol, generally connected via fiber optic cable and fiber channel switches. Interface types of optical interfaces and electrical interfaces. The optical ports are generally fiber-optic cable for data transmission interface module is generally the SFP (transfer rate of 2Gb / s) GBIC (1Gb / s), corresponding to the interface for the SC and LC. The electrical interface of the interface type is generally DB9 pin or HSSDC.

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Introduction of fiber-optic network card:
  In the early SAN storage systems, servers and switches data transmission via optical fiber, because the server is to transmit SCSI commands to a storage device, can not take the ordinary LAN network IP protocol, so it is necessary to use the FC transmission, so this the SAN is called the FC-SAN, the late SAN encapsulated using the IP protocol, you can completely take the ordinary LAN network, so called IP-SAN, one of the most typical is the popular iSCSI. Both methods require heavy read package unpack operations on data blocks, high-performance SAN systems is needed on the server to install a dedicated to unpack in order to reduce the processor burden of card, this card is called HBA cards, which in addition to the implementation of the work of the unpacked of course, can also provide an optical interface (iSCSI HBA is to provide a common RJ45 connector) for use in connection with the corresponding switch; In addition, physical HBAs, you can put it when the same as for the network card inserted in the PCI or PCI-E slot, so the usage of this equipment very similar to one network card, many people put it to be confused with ordinary card or fiber-optic network card.

The role of the fiber optic network card:
  The storage system has a similar device used to connect the computer's internal bus, and storage networking. This storage network connected devices commonly referred to as host bus adapter (Host Bus Adaptor) HBAs in the server and store the various types of fiber optic card (12). HBA is the physical connection between the internal server I / O channels and storage system I / O channels. The most commonly used inside the server I / O channel is a PCI and SBus, they are a communication protocol to connect to the server CPU and peripherals. Storage system I / O channel is actually the Fibre Channel. HBA's role is to achieve conversion between internal channel agreements PCI or Sbus and Fibre Channel protocol.

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