DVR hard disk recorders drive motherboard DVR copy board

  The DVR (DigitalVideoRecorder, cited the DVR), digital video recorders, as opposed to traditional analog video recorders, DVR, it is often referred to as hard disk recorders, also known as the DVR. It is a long video recording, remote monitoring and control functions for image storage and processing computer system with the image / voice.
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DVR DVR driver board:
The main purpose of the DVR front-end equipment (such as cameras) sent from the image analog signal into digital signal, compressed storage on the hard disk is generally divided into the PC and embedded.
PC-based DVR can also be broken down as follows:
(1), the IPC PC DVR
IPC PC DVR IPC chassis, can withstand harsh industrial environments and interference. Integrated card of the CPU industry and industrial floor, and can support more depending on the number of audio channels as well as more IDE hard disk. Of course, its price is also a general business PC two or three times. It is often used in a variety of important occasions and the need to channel more.
(2), commercial machine PC DVR
Commercial machine PC DVR general industrial chassis to improve system stability and reliability of video and audio into large ones less ordinary commercial PC chassis. It uses generic PC motherboard, and a variety of boards to meet the system requirements. Its cheap, and good adaptability to the environment. It is often used in general situations, the number of image channels generally less than 24 road.
(3), the server PC DVR
Server PC DVR server chassis and motherboard, the stability and reliability of its systems have greatly improved over the previous two. Often have a UPS uninterruptible power supply and vast amounts of disk storage array to support hard disk hot-swap function. It can be long-term 24 hours x 7 days of continuous uninterrupted operation. It is often used in monitoring the number of channels, and monitoring requirements are very high application-specific departments.
Its outstanding features in the following areas:
 A. Digital high-fidelity storage of the simulation program can be widely spread and the personal collection of analog audio and video programs in advanced digital recording and storage, a recording, repeated play nor will the quality of any decline.
 Comprehensive input and output interfaces to provide the antenna / cable TV, the AV terminal, S-Video input interface, AV cable, S-Video output interface. Can record almost all television programs and the other player, the camera output signal and easily connect with other audio-visual equipment.
 3. A variety of optional image recording grades for the same program source, providing high image quality and low recording level. Selection of the highest level of the recorded image quality close to the image quality of the DVD.
 Long program of large-capacity storage, scalability and strong user can choose to 20.4GB, 40GB or larger hard disk for program storage. 20.4GB capacity calculation.
 Advanced shift (Timeshifting) functionality had to interrupt watching television, the user simply presses the Timeshifting key from the interrupt to watch the moment the program will be automatically saved, after processing the transaction, the user can also continue to watch from the position from the interrupt program, without any sense of pause.
 6. Perfect Scheduled recording / playback program functions. Users can freedom set to start recording / playback program start time, length of time and options. Appointment playbill edit combination, you can systematically recording a variety of intermittent television programs, including television.
 A strong network of information appliances, center users through the network communication interface, use the DVR tailor a web browser equipped with the appropriate network resources, will be able to enjoy a rich network of online information.
 8 provides a convenient method of management of recorded programs users can follow the way of recording time, the types of programs recorded programs to organize and categorize, free to set a bookmark in the preferred position.
 Provide arbitrary player hard disk quickly and characteristics of the random access memory, enjoy recording the good and the recording program can be used than the current DVD player more kinds, more flexible way of special playback, fast playback The image is more smooth and slow playback with higher detail resolution.
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