Electromagnetic water heater control panel copy board, electromagnetic water heater control printed circuit board

 Electromagnetic water heater is a principle of electromagnetic induction to convert electrical energy into magnetic heat heater, by the rectifier circuit in the controller will 50/60HZ AC voltage into DC voltage after the control circuit of the DC voltage into a frequency 20-25KHZ high frequency voltage, high-speed changes in current through the coil will produce high-speed magnetic field, and countless small eddy current when the magnetic field lines of the magnetic field inside the metal container, metal containers of water on their own high-speed heating and then water output in the heating container of cooking washing and bathing purposes.
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The characteristics of the electromagnetic water heater:
Safety - heater from the outer wall of the magnetic field induction heating circuit without any connection, truly and water separation, and with multiple protection devices to ensure safe use.
 Energy conservation - the original electromagnetic heat structure, rapid heating, without advance heating and power consumption without insulation, the boot 10 seconds, full use of electrical energy, thermal efficiency up to 99%, exceeding the industry standard for nearly 20%. General electric water heater, power saving of 20% -30%.
- Use with water automatically power off the water automatically disconnect the power. The body is compact, easy to install, simple to operate, can be multi-channel water supply, long-term use of furring. Microcomputer control, digital display, eight stall power regulation, a constant temperature, can be used continuously, independent of time and quantity limits.
Environmental protection - the work of the machine does not produce harmful emissions, do not consume indoor oxygen, no noise, does not affect the environment around. Pollution-free green products, in line with current world trends.
 Health - the machine use the magnetization of the magnetic field induction heating of water at the same time on the water, softening, reducing the hardness of the water, improve water activity is a real water heater with a magnetic water function. The magnetized water has antibacterial anti-inflammatory effect, the useful beauty of the skin, reduce skin itching, remove dandruff and improve hair quality and build up good body immunity
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