DSLR digital SLR camera PCB printed circuit board and prototype debug

  Digital SLR camera (Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera, often referred to as the DSLR), referred to as the digital SLR camera to record a digital imaging camera. The intersection as a digital still camera (Digital Still Camera, the DSC) and SLR (SLR).
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The working principle of digital SLR cameras:
    System of work in the digital SLR camera, the light reaches the mirror through the lens, refraction above the focusing screen and to form the image through the eyepiece and pentaprism, we can see in the viewfinder the scene outside . DSLR shooting, when the shutter button is pressed, the mirror will bounce up, the light-sensitive device (CCD or CMOS) in front of the shutter curtain will open at the same time, through the lens of the light will be projected onto the photosensitive original light-sensitive, and then the mirror as soon as restitution, again you can see in the viewfinder image. Single-lens reflex camera of this structure to determine it is shot entirely through the lens focus, which enables to see the image in the viewfinder and the film never the same, the finder scope and the actual shooting range is essentially consistent, very conducive to intuitive framing.
Edit this paragraph, the main characteristics of digital SLR cameras:
    Digital SLR cameras is a great feature is the exchange of different specifications of the lens, which is the natural advantages of SLR cameras, is an ordinary digital camera can not match.
In addition, the digital SLR cameras are located in the high-end products in the digital camera in the area of ​​the photographic quality of the relationship between digital camera sensor (CCD or CMOS) digital SLR is much larger than an ordinary digital camera, which makes the SLR the photosensitive area of ​​each pixel of the digital camera is much larger than ordinary digital camera, each pixel will also be able to show a more detailed brightness and color range, significantly higher than ordinary digital camera to make photographic quality digital SLR cameras.
The maximum difference of the SLR digital camera and an ordinary digital camera:
    The digital SLR and digital cameras, the AF (auto focus system) there is the essential difference. SLR cameras is the use of the phase difference AF (although with the popularity of live view, many digital SLR can use contrast-type AF) phase difference AF SLR signs must be equipped with the parts, the parts ordinary dc digital camera must be not available. SLR digital camera, the focusing system is an independent module, exists below the reflector. Relying on reflectors exist, relying on reflected light reflectors work. If there are no reflectors, the phase af module will not work. Simple, ordinary dc to focus on the main ccd contrast af do not know the front or the right focus on the so going to guess, there will be a process of the bellows, while the SLR phase poor af, is a spot on the phase difference sensor offset, directly determine the distance from the focus of how far and what direction, so high-speed focus. This is critical in digital photography, capture process, which is why the SLR this structure are retained the main reason. And the use of special sensors, so the accuracy can be done is very high.
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