Video capture card PCB printed circuit board and video card model production debugging

Video capture card (Video Capture card), also known as video cards, analog camera, VCR, LD disc player, TV output video signal output of video data or video and audio mixed data entered into the computer and converted into computer identifiable digital data stored in the computer, editing the video data file. Can be divided into broadcast-quality video capture card in accordance with its purpose, professional-grade video capture card, civilian video capture card.
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Video Capture Card Category:
According to the video source, video capture card can be divided into the digital acquisition card (digital interface) and analog capture card.
Video capture card, follow the installation link can be divided into external capture card (box) and a built-in boards.
Video capture card in accordance with the video compression can be divided into soft press card (consume CPU resources), and hardware compression card.
Video capture card in accordance with the video signal input and output interfaces can be divided into the 1394 capture cards, USB capture card HDMI capture card, VGA video capture cards, PCI video card, PCI-E video capture card.
In accordance with the performance function can be divided into the TV card video capture card, image acquisition card, DV capture card, computer video card, monitor acquisition card, multi-screen cards, streaming media capture card, component capture card, high-definition capture card, laptop capture card DVR cards VCD card, non-linear editing card (referred to as NLE card).
   Video capture card can be divided into broadcast-quality video capture card in accordance with its purpose, professional-grade video capture card, civilian video capture card, they grade the level of the quality of the images collected. Their main difference is the different indicators of collected images.
The video image acquisition methods are more basic can be divided into two categories: digital signal acquisition and analog signal acquisition. Common image capture card, there are several types of digital capture cards and analog capture card, AV + DV combo acquisition card.
The highest broadcast-quality video capture card acquisition resolution to 768X576 (rms value) PAL or 720X576 for (CCIR-601 value) PAL system 25 frames per second, or 640X480/720X480 NTSC system 30 frames per second, the minimum compression ratio generally less than 4:1. This type of product is characterized by the acquisition of high image resolution, the video signal to noise ratio high, the disadvantage is that the large video files, the amount of data per minute of at least 200MB.
   Slightly lower level of professional-grade video capture card to capture card performance than broadcast-quality video resolution of both are the same, but the compression is more than slightly larger, the minimum compression ratio is generally less than 6:1, input and output interfaces for AV composite video and S-Video.
Civilian video capture card is generally the largest dynamic resolution of 384X288, PAL system 25 frames per second.
Video capture principle:
   Frequency (Video) is a synchronized movement of multiple still images (frames) with continuous audio on the timeline mixed media, multi-frame images change over time, a sense of movement, so the video is also known as moving images. In accordance with the storage and processing of the video in different ways, can be divided into two kinds of analog video and digital video.
    Video capture analog video source signal by processing into a digital signal (ie, 0 and 1), and process digital information stored in the computer's hard drive. The analog / digital transformation is carried out through the capture chip on the video capture card.
On the computer through a video capture card can receive the analog video signal from the video input, the signal acquisition to quantify into a digital signal, compressed and then encoded into a digital video. Most video cards have hardware compression feature in the captured video signal on the first card to compress the video signal, and then through the PCI interface to the compressed video data transmission to the host. The PC video capture card frame compression algorithm to store the digitized video into AVI files, high-end video capture card is also available directly to the digital video data collected in real time compressed into MPEG-1 format files.
   As the analog video input can provide a continuous source of information, video capture card to capture analog video sequence frames, and in the collection before the next frame, these data into the PC system. Therefore, the key to achieve real-time acquisition is the processing time for each frame. Each frame of video image processing time than the interval between two adjacent frames, will have data loss that dropped frames. Capture cards are the first to obtain a video sequence compression, and then to disk, which means that acquisition of the video sequence and compressed together to complete, eliminating the inconvenience of re-compression processing. Different grades of card has a different quality capture and compression performance.
   By the video capture chip analog signal is converted into digital signals and then transmitted to the board comes with a temporary memory, video compression chip from the card comes with the implementation of the compression algorithm, an enormous amount of video signal compression becomes smaller, the last of these compression directly or through the PCI bridge chip into PCI, stored to the hard disk. The latter using the Universal Video A / D converter to achieve image acquisition, which is characterized by the data acquisition CPU, processor speed, low cost, easy to implement, and able to meet the needs of some of the image acquisition system. Acquisition in high-definition video recording VGA image capture card is the rapid development of digital information technology industry, many areas of the VGA signal acquisition requirements to enhance the emergence of a high-end products. Whether the application of machine vision systems in industry, teaching, and is widely used, which combines many computer hardware and software technologies related to image processing, artificial intelligence, and other fields. Video frame grabber is an important part of the machine vision system, its main function is collected in real-time video data output by the camera, and provide high-speed interface with the PC.
    The video capture card is our essential hardware video processing equipment, is essential in the post production of digital video combined digital video editing hardware equipment.
Video capture card, we can dump the camera's video signal from the Cassette computer using video editing software, post-edit digital video signal processing, such as shear screen, add the filter ytterbium, subtitles and audio, set the transition effect and adding a variety of video effects and so on, finally done editing the video signal converted to a standard VCD, DVD and online streaming media formats, to facilitate the dissemination and preservation.
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