The elevator card controller printed circuit board and prototype debug

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Elevator card controllers are used in building the elevator control and integrated multi-functional elevator controller. The system uses induction IC (Mifare one card) card as the user card. Such IC card with high security encryption algorithm to ensure that information security can not be copied must first pass through the system administrator authorization. Use the elevator, different people have different permissions assigned, each entered the elevator is authorized to enter the designated area or floor, and authorization management according to the schedule. Unauthorized, can not enter the floor of the management area, and floor time period control. Regardless of the controller is run offline or online control, can record a lot of transaction data, making the elevator all personnel out of the record has data to be found. Can use a separate elevator control software, a control module can be used as access control software platform, with access control systems compatible with each other to form a powerful network security systems can also be used independently to control the elevator.
Can be run online, you can standalone run, even if you turn off the PC, the normal use, to ensure its stable and reliable control functions, thereby improving the building management level .....
A built-in floor control type
1, the user through the credit card open all the selected layer, the user's permissions to write in the card in the card after the button again to start the elevator;
2, a motherboard can control the 6-50 floors;
3, the motherboard is equipped with RS485 communication interface to connect the 100 controller baud rate: 9600 1,1 n network length of up to 1000 m computer network or data acquisition system for data communications (network and data acquisition
, software, card reader is optional);
4, the system and elevator passive contactless, the two are completely isolated and not affect each other;
5, with the use of networks, software, data acquisition, and other optional equipment, can be achieved blacklist management functions, to prevent the card is lost to illegal users pick up the illegal use;
6, the system records each successful credit card using the elevator-related information (including user card number and use of time, use the elevator code and other information), the record from the controller through the network or data acquisition readout for
statistics, printing, archiving, query;
7, equipped to manage the blacklist function, can store 30000 elevator records, store records in power-down situation to ensure that 10 years is not lost;
8, with the elevator fire switch linkage to start the fire switch, the elevator system of the IC card does not work, the elevator back to the original state (fire signal should be a passive dry contact signal).
9 management software including the issuing card reader to write the card functions: to set the IC card number and use of time;
Replacement of functions: user card is lost for the IC card replacement;
Release a variety of function cards: release set the card user card, floor to limit the number card card consumer;
Eliminate the number function: elimination function when the user card is lost;
Set the IC card password function: to set a password for the user's IC card;
Layer selection functions: set the user's floor;
Print a report function: print out the user information and controller information.

Two technical parameters
Operating voltage: DC 9V/24 ± 5% 40W Working current: 800mA
Working environment: temperature -25 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ Humidity 0 ~ 90% of rechargeable batteries, to keep the memory controller and time settings
RJ45 read sensor interface: Output relay signal, the read sensor connecting cable: 4 core wire 232 interface
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