Laboratory conductivity measuring instrument PCB printed circuit board and prototype debug

  Laboratory conductivity meter, we have to master the technical information through reverse engineering, and can provide the product's PCB design, PCB copy board chip decryption, prototyping, prototype debugging, and other aspects of services to meet customer needs .
It is widely used in petrochemical, bio-medicine, sewage treatment, environmental monitoring, mining and smelting and other industries and universities and research institutes.
The main characteristics of the instrument:
Fourth gear range, automatic switching, automatic digital display, simple operation, high measurement accuracy.
The automatic temperature measurement and display, automatic temperature compensation solution.
31/2 LCD digital display, the use of blue backlighting, temperature and the measured values ​​at the same time display, clear display.
Can set the temperature coefficient of the solution and electrode constant.
The main technical indicators:
A measuring range: 0 ~ 10000uS? Cm-1, divided into fourth gear range and automatically switch;
2, the electronic unit error: 1.0% (FS) ± 1 word
3, the instrument's basic error: ± 1.5% (FS) ± 1 word
4, the temperature compensation range: (50) ° C, reference temperature 25 ° C temperature display range: 0 ~ 60 ° C medium temperature: (5 ~ 50) ℃
5, the supporting electrode: the DJS-1T plastic electrode
6, the electrode constant: 1.0cm-1
Dimensions: 200 × 210 × 70 mm (L x W x H)
8, Weight: 1kg
9, the normal conditions of use:
    a) Ambient temperature: (5 ~ 50) ℃
    b) Relative humidity: ≤ 85%
    c) Power supply: AC220V ± 22V 50HZ ± 0.5HZ
    d) no significant vibration;
    e) In addition to the Earth's magnetic field outside the magnetic interference.