Vehicle navigation printed circuit board and the production model debugging

  Car navigation is to use Car GPS (Global Positioning System) with electronic map, it can easily and accurately tells the pilot to the shortest or fastest path to our destination is a good helper for the driver.
  Copy board and car navigation model PCB copy board for car navigation, car navigation circuit board production, Tang science and technology in a professional PCB copy board team combines precision PCB copy board software successfully completed a series of PCB copy board. (Including the production of PCB drawing files, and documentation of schematics, BOM BOM production, on-board chip decryption PCB proofing system board, supporting the procurement of IC components, PCBA assembly and welding and model debugging and other services.)
   GPS global satellite positioning system feature that lets you know their exact location anywhere in driving a car. Car navigation has automatic voice navigation, and the best path search feature allows you all the way shortcut, unimpeded, integrated office, entertainment features makes it easy to travel, and efficient travel. The car navigation has a DVD player, radio receiver, Bluetooth hands-free, touch screen, optional feature, the Smart Track Reversing, tire pressure detection, virtual six-disc, background control functions
Car navigation system features:
Detailed description of functional modules
Accurate GPS navigation and satellite positioning, the best path search, automated voice prompts.
Navigation mode, multi-purpose input, five or more paths to retrieve custom mode, site settings mode, map positioning mode. Electronic map of maps of the country to provide thousands of cities across the country, providing the latest maps support navigation more precise to allow you to pass unimpeded. Path planning of departure and destination path planning, set up through the ground and to avoid to function.
Voice prompts cordial live voice prompts, and automatically broadcast the names of the roads moving.
Music audio-visual enjoyment, and to relieve fatigue.
File management a powerful resource management capabilities.
Car navigation components:
Car navigation system, navigation hosts and navigation terminals of two parts. The built-in GPS antenna receives the data passed in at least three of the 24 GPS satellites from around the Earth, which measured the vehicle's current location. Host of navigation by GPS satellite signals to determine location coordinates and the electronic map data to match, you can determine the exact location of the car in the digital map.
On this basis, vehicular navigation, recommended routes, information search, play AV / TV and other functions. The driver only needs to watch the display on the screen, listen to the voice prompts to manipulate their remote controls to achieve the above functions, in order to ease driving.
Car GPS navigation system consists of two parts:
 In part by the GPS receiver and display devices installed in the car; another part of the computer control center, two parts by positioning satellite contact.
 Computer control center is authorized and established by the motor vehicle management department, which is responsible for the observation area designated to monitor the car's dynamic and traffic conditions at any time, so the whole car navigation systems, at least two functions: a car trail monitoring functions, as long as encoded GPS receiver installed in the car, the car, whether traveling to any place can be indicated by an electronic map of the computer control center where orientation; another driving directions feature, the owner can be in various regions of the transport line electronic Figure stored on a floppy disk inserted in the receiving device in the car, a floppy disk, the display will immediately show the location of the car area and the current traffic state, can enter the destination to go to pre-compile the best driving route, but also accept the instructions of the computer control center, select the line and direction of motor cars.