STB digital set-top boxes printed circuit board and prototype debug

 STB English name of the STB (set-top boxes), the full name of digital TV set-top box. The set-top box is one of the information appliance is a way to allow users on the existing analog TV to watch digital TV programs, interactive digital entertainment, education and commercialization activities in the consumer goods industry electronic products.
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   Broadly speaking, all connected to a TV network terminal equipment can be called set-top box. Analog-based cable television network, channel additions, the decoder of analog channels to the phone line and TV to connect with "Vilas" Internet set-top boxes, digital satellite integrated receiver decoder (IRD), digital terrestrial set-top boxes and cable TV digital set-top boxes can be called a set-top boxes. From the narrow sense, if only digital device, if the standards are divided into a digital satellite set-top boxes (DVB-S), the European standard for digital terrestrial set-top boxes (DVB-T), GB digital terrestrial set-top boxes (DMB-TH), digital cable TV set-top box (DVB-C). According to the function points can be divided into one-way set-top boxes, two-way set-top boxes, IPTV set-top box.
Digital TV set-top box functions:
The basic functions of digital set-top box to receive digital television broadcasts, and all broadcast and interactive multimedia applications, such as:
(1) electronic program guide (EPG). To provide users with an easy to use, friendly interface, quick access to a way to want to see the program, the user can see through this feature one or more channels or all channels will soon be broadcast television programs;
(2) high-speed data broadcasting. Give the stock market, ticketing information, e-newspapers, popular websites such as news;
(3) online software upgrade. The online software upgrade can be regarded as one of the data broadcasting application. DVB data broadcasting standard, the data broadcasting server software upgrade broadcast down, set-top box to identify the software version number, version does not receive the software and software updates stored in memory;
(4) Internet access and e-mail. Digital set-top box can be easily implemented by the built-in cable modem Internet access function. Users can set-top box built-in browser, the Internet, send an email. At the same time the set-top box can also provide a variety of interfaces connected to a PC using a PC and Internet connection;
(5) conditional access. The core of conditional access scrambling and encryption, and digital set-top box should have a descrambling and decryption functions. Short, so far, around the digital set-top boxes, digital video, digital information with the three core functions of the interactive applications developed a variety of value-added services.
The structure of the set-top box:
From a structural point of view, the set-top boxes are generally the main chip, memory, tuning demodulator returns constitute the majority of the channel, CA (Conditional Access) interface, an external memory controller, and video and audio output.
(1) tuner demodulator: the role of the tuner demodulator part is transmitted modulated digital signal demodulation restore transport stream, tuning demodulator constitutes a variety of digital set-top box;
(2) the main chip: the main chip, the first flag information passed by the transport stream received transport stream demultiplexing, descrambling information passed by the CA smart card program stream descrambling, descrambling the TS stream sent to the video and audio decoder, respectively, of its decoding, restore the AV signal output separation, but also reuse the various systems in the TS stream data, sent to the set-top box processor output respectively.
(3) Memory: the right set-top boxes, memory is divided into the Flash memory and SDRAM memory. Flash used to store the set-top box system software, driver software, applications, and user information, the system is powered down content can also be retained, while Flash can be updated through the online software contained in its reach set-top box software The purpose of the upgrade. SDRAM is used to store application data.
(4) external storage devices: external storage devices in general refers to the plug-in hard drive, large-capacity hard disk can be used to store program flow in order to meet the personalized needs of the user. A STB in the ability to plug the hard drives are generally determined by the main chip, only the CPU's processing power to a certain extent be possible to support the hard disk read and write, hard to read and write requires more memory space.
(5) Smart Card Interface: read data from the CA smart card reader for the descrambling of digital TV programs
(6) communication interface return: With the extension of the set-top box applications, so that the STB has not only stay in simply to watch the video and audio programs on the interactive needs of set-top box embedded in the return equipment, these The equipment may include network adapters, modems and other communication interfaces to meet user information back to the front.

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