PCB design ten self-examination process

1, structure design
  1) check the PCB figure and print chart;
  2) installation hole, aperture;
  3) check the wiring restraint area.
2, component library
  1) check the element size;
  2) BGA device screen printing frame in strict accordance with the DATA SHEET size;
  3) components of the pin number and DATA SHEET definitions of the same;
  4) check the MALE / FEMALE ( male and female);5) transistor pin and DATA SHEET control;6) IC or PIN connector of the first foot pads for the party;
  7) polar component clear screen printing logo;
  8) element positioning hole and aperture.
3, component layout
  1) element without overlap;
  2) between the elements of space is not less than 8mil;
  3) in accordance with the requirements of forbidden area of the cloth inspecting components;
  4) structure of the screw does not press on the line;
  5) decoupling capacitor has been placed near the related element;
  6) in PCB have been placed on 1mm or 1.5mm diagonal MARK point.
In 4, PCB wiring
  1) in accordance with the requirements of forbidden area of the cloth inspection wiring;
  2) adjacent wiring layer are vertical to each other;
  3) the key signal line has been examined one by one;
  4) the differential signal parallel wiring, isometric;
  5) power line has check capacity;
  6) the sampling resistor separate wiring to sampling point;
  7) when remove dead copper copper.
In 5, the solder mask layer
  1) the green window than pads extending 2mil;
  2) only expanded 1mil BGA;
  3) the smallest green bridge 5mil;
  4) RF amplifier IC radiating plate has opened a green window and PASTE layer;
  5) metal shield box has opened a green window and PASTE layer;
  6) all the through hole ( Via ) has been defined as TENTING.
In 6, silk screen layer
  1) screen printing pressure on the pad;
  2) screen printing text already;
  3) screen printing character [ Heingt ] shall not be less than 20MIL, [ Width ] shall not be less than 5MIL, less than 6mil text off;
  4) plate number and other information in a prominent position.
7, through hole
  1) examined the inserted piece hole;
  2) the supply line through hole should consider capacity;
  3) installation holes defined as NPTH or have at least 4mil hole ring;
  4) pad does not stack vias, ensure the welding tin leakage does not occur;
  5) if holes need to be superimposed on the pad, need to be COPPER off.
In 8, the Gerber file
  1) by examining the Gerber file;
  2) laminated to check Gerber documents;
  3) Gerber file performance than 5MIL green bridge.
9, check the required output PCB archive file
  1) PCB principle diagram;
  2) DRC;
  3) Gerber;
  4) drill file;
  5) board diagram;
  6) plate description.Above is a PCB self-inspection some content, of course in some time some of the content may not need to check, such as solder mask layer check, the output file PICK PLACE and puzzle map.
10, best of course has a full-time staff of the PCB for review, review mainly concerns the following contents:
  1) and structure consistency;
  2) with the standard base consistency;
  3) and conventional design requirements;
  4) light drawing files and graphic inspection;5) drill files and steel file check;
  6) submit a review of the integrity of the file ( Layout file, structure, technical requirements list etc.);
  7) print 1 : 1 layout and component object comparison;
  8) for conformance to specification.
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