The ShengTang of DAQ data acquisition card PCB printed circuit board design and debugging prototype development

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  Data collection ( DAQ ), is defined from the sensors and other testing equipment and other analog and digital measuring unit automatic mining of non electricity or electricity signal, sent to the computer for analysis, processing. Data acquisition system is based on a computer or other special testing platform measurement hardware and software products to achieve flexible, user-defined measurement system. Data acquisition card, which realizes the data acquisition ( DAQ ) function of the computer expansion card, through USB, PXI, PCI, PCI Express, FireWire ( 1394), PCMCIA, ISA, Compact Flash, RS485, RS232, Ethernet, wireless network bus access personal computer.
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  Data acquisition card technology parameters:
Technical parameters
 The DV+AV+Audio interface video capture card, quality and the perfect combination of performance, SMD SMD capacitors, excellent workmanship
 Fully interface card, integrated stereo input port, no longer need to transfer the sound card
 The unique audio co-processor function, two stereo input capture, sound quality is greatly improved, and put an end to the audio, video different
 The low temperature optimization design, ensure the long time to capture the stability
 The noise shielding circuit, so that the captured image quality more clearly
 The professional chroma-key function, film effect is more wonderful
 Fully equipped with any interface, can capture video playback equipment material
 Input interface: AV / SVIDEO / DV
 Video: 720X576 / 352X288
 Audio: 8 / 16 / 32 / 44. 1 / 48
 Standard: N / P system
 Drive: the standard DSHOW drive
 The main types of data acquisition card:
 In the industrial field, we will install a lot of various types of sensors, such as pressure and temperature of the flow of sound electrical parameters and so on, by the field environment limit sensor signal such as pressure sensor output voltage or current signal transmission or not because the sensor too much wiring complex, we will choose the distributed or remote acquisition card 1] ( module ) at the site of the signal more accurately converted into digital quantity, and then through a variety of remote communication technology ( such as 485, 232, Ethernet, wireless network ) to transfer data to a computer or other controller for processing. Such as data acquisition card a, it is the ability to adapt to the environment is stronger, can cope with the harsh industrial environment.
 If it is in good field or laboratory, such as the laboratory school, you can use the USB / PCI acquisition card. And the familiar built-in acquisition card, an external data acquisition card generally use the USB interface and the 1394 interface, therefore, external data acquisition card mainly refers to the USB acquisition card and 1394 acquisition card.
 Data acquisition card, the majority concentrated in the acquisition of analog, digital, thermal resistance, thermocouple, heat resistance, which can be thought of as a n ( in essence still use the current drive to collect ) in which the analog acquisition card and digital acquisition card are used most widely.
 Now on the market there is a two-in-one acquisition card, combo, digital simulation acquisition card, AV+DV card, digital, analog combo, digital input and output, analog input ( DV / AV / S-video ).
 Finally, although that is the acquisition card, but practical applications often need to output control signals. Acquisition card is widely applied in security monitoring, education courseware recording, large screen splicing, multimedia broadcast video, meeting recording, virtual studio, virtual reality, security X machines, radar signal, VDR record instrument, medical X ray, CT, gastrointestinal machine, colposcopy, industrial detection, intelligent transportation, medical imaging, industrial monitoring, instrumentation, such as machine vision field.
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