The PCB circuit board design of special components for the layout of the main points

 1: high frequency components, high frequency components of the connection between the shorter the better, try to reduce the connection of distributed parameters and the mutual electromagnetic interference, interference component is not too close. Attached to the input and output of belonging to the distance between elements should be as large as possible number.
 In 2, having high potential difference of the components: should increase with high potential difference components and connections between distance, to avoid accidental short circuit damage elements. In order to avoid creepage phenomenon, general requirements 2000V potential difference between the copper film line distance should be greater than 2mm, if for the higher potential difference, the distance should also be strengthened. With high voltage devices, should be arranged in debugging when the hand is hard to reach places.
 3, too much weight components: these elements should be fixed, and the big and heavy, calorific capacity much element, is mounted on a circuit board.
 In 4, heating and thermal components: pay attention to the heating element should stay away from the sensitive element.