Mine fan with energy-saving R & D PCB copy board and reverse

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 1, K40 mine with energy-saving fans, mainly for underground metal mines on the ground call the shots, or fan, auxiliary ventilation fan, ventilation can be used for other occasions. With high aerodynamic efficiency, the network can be a good match and ventilation, energy-saving effect is very significant unique advantages; and blade installation angle adjustable, reversible anti-wind, low noise operation; while using the motor with the impeller structure Direct overall stability, easy installation, safe, reliable, easy maintenance, low-resistance device Bureau; as the main fan, the device is very small civil works, can save a lot of investment; K40 mine with the fan for installation in underground energy, multi-station machine is ideal machine station ventilation system fan.
 Therefore, the K series a decade fans have been saving mine very wide range of applications, making it the most important non-coal mine ventilation.
 2, the series main mine fan energy performance, technical indicators are as follows:
    (1) series machine number: № 7 ~ № 26;
    (2) series speed: 1450,980,730 r / min;
    (3) Air volume range: 2.0 ~ 164.2m3 / s;
    (4) total pressure range: 38 ~ 3819pa;
    (5) Power range: 1.1 ~ 500kW;
    (6) fan efficiency: K-type single-stage total pressure efficiency η = 94%,
     DK type of rotating static efficiency η = 86%;
    (7) running noise: LA ≤ 85dB (A).
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