Development tools and software -- more uniform platform, has gradually become the industry standard

  All have a certain influence on brand and technical strength of the company, often in a number of products launched after considering integration, and bundling strategies, so as to form a larger impact of competitors, its significance lies in the platform and brand, instead of a new product. Looking the semiconductor industry, almost all of this law. Those who stand in the forefront of the giant, is also trying to make it more unified platform products, and to the industry standard direction. Semiconductor development tools and software fields, such changes are taking place.
  ARM DS-5 professional edition support from ARM7 / ARM9 to the new Cortex-A / R / M ARM processor code compilation, debugging and performance analysis, and for the NEON SIMD engine provides enhanced support. DS-5 professional edition is also using the new ARM processor performance monitoring unit ( Performance Monitoring Unit ) system analysis, and shows from ARM Embedded Trace Macrocell, ( ARM embedded tracing macro, ETM ) and Program Trace Macrocell ( program tracing macro, PTM ) non-invasive tracking data, realize the time related program error debugging and analysis. DS-5 Professional Edition integrates with Eclipse IDE, GCC / ARM Compiler, Debugger Streamline and optimization tools, comprehensive support based on ARM processor Linux / Android development, including the kernel and Native application procedure compilation, debugging and optimization. At the same time in Eclipse DS-5 Professional Edition under IDE and Android SDK seamless handoff and integration, and facilitate the development of Android JAVA application development and optimization. ARM expect in the future 1-2, DS-5 Professional Edition ( Development Studio 5 Professional ARM RVDS ) replace ( RealView Development Suite ) series of kits based on ARM processor, as SoC, ASIC and ASSP equipment essential development tool chain.
  Think of flying the Carta development system development platform by rapid prototyping and tools for developers reuse, can save several months of development time, and thus more easily differentiated solutions. It has fast become an industry standard, staff development is the rapid assessment and prototype verification tool of choice. Now, this platform to continue to expand, to launch quick test ( KwikStik ) development tools, this is a cost-effective, integrated development tools, used in conjunction with fly think of Carle ARM based on Cortex-M4 kernel Kinetis series microcontroller for assessment, development and debugging. Fast test development tool combines the J-Link debugging detector, low power touch induction, segmented LCD user interface and a set of development, the runtime software, the development tools can be through a variety of ways to use - as independent battery powered tool, as tower development system of extra tool, or as a J-Link debugger. The fast test development tools and tower development system combination, developers can use to fly think of Carle and the third party peripheral module access to a variety of system expansion program, these modules are provided for sensing, wireless and industrial connection characteristics ( including Wi-Fi ). Fast test development tools add further fly think of Carta development system development platform, using Kinetis MCU developers with small size design tool set option.
  Xilinx ISE Design Suite release of version 13, provides the powerful PlanAhead this unified design environment and analysis tools. PlanAhead software advantages include: accelerating the verification process, the design process is integrated with the ISE emulator ( Xilinx ISim ), which makes the development and validation can be entirely in the PlanAhead user interface implementation; support hierarchical design method and support RTL design reuse, by improving the design of a preserved ability to offer more features, determine the design has been completed part of the early implementation of the results, without waiting for the other design team, thus improving the overall productivity, reduce design iteration problem; the new Team Design Flow ( team design process ), ISE 13 design suite with a new Team Design method, each developer can work at the same time, solve more than engineers work together on a project when facing the challenge; easy to use, through the integration of ISE project browser ( Project Navigator ) and easy to use, PlanAhead software extends the logic design method, through planning, multiple process, hierarchical exploration, fast timing analysis and based on module design to play the greatest advantage.