PCLD-789D zoom in and Multiplexer Introduction to a board design

PCLD-789D zoom in and Multiplexer Board Introduction:
   PCLD-789D is a screw terminal / signal conditioning / Channel Multiplexer board. It is part of the different EVOC A / D board, in particular, thermocouples and the underlying data collection applications designed accessories.
PCLD-789D to provide DB-37, and 20-pin flat cable interface, so that your A / D board without additional digital output cable to select channels, which can be accessed up to 128 channels. High-jumper selectable gain instrumentation amplifier provides 1,10 , 50,100,200 and 1,000. Seats reserved for the board to filter, attenuator and measuring current. All analog inputs are provided to facilitate the interface section of small screw interface.
Thermocouple measurements can be easily handled PCLD-789D. Panel includes cold junction compensation circuit detection and allow for direct measurement of the thermocouple sensor. All types of thermocouple linearization by software.   
 Given the unique requirements of the circuit's technical parameters, design rules to make the following points planning:
1, the parameters of the sensitivity of the thermocouple, so the board level and power ground should pay special attention. To supply enough ground to be reasonable, analog and digital grounds should be separated.
2, the temperature parameters are required for the chip to be placed in the right position, in particular, away from heat sources (power module, power ic) of the place, so that the outside world can guarantee against unreasonable parameters.
3, the circuit is a mix of analog and digital circuits, so be sure to pay special attention to, analog and digital should be separated. Can not have a cross, the phenomenon of interference.

PCLD-789D Specification:

☉ analog voltage protection: Continuous ± 30V
☉ Input channels: 16 differential
☉ Input impedance> 1G
☉ output range: ± 10V maximum
☉ Input conditions: Nonlinear stability of time-gain CMRR
          ☉ 1000 125 dB 0.005% FSR 75 μs
          ☉ 100 115 dB 0.005% FSR 15 μs
          ☉ 10 105 dB 0.007% FSR 15 μs
          ☉ 1 85 dB 0.015% FSR 15 μs
☉ Cold junction compensation Output: +24.4 mV / ℃, 0V under 0 ℃
☉ Power: +5 V @ 10mA maximum +12 V @ 80mA maximum
☉ digital and analog connectors: a DB-37 connector, two 20-pin flat cable connector for daisy chain
☉ Dimensions: 8.1 "(L) × 4.5" (W) (205mm × 114mm)

PCLD-789D features:

☉ can Multiplexer 16 into a different input channel A / D channels.
☉ scalable EVOC A / D series panels up to 128 analog input channels
☉ switch to select gain 1,2,10,50,100,200,500,1000
☉ Built-in signal processing functions including the filter attenuator and current shunt
☉ cold junction compensation circuit for thermocouple measurements can be directly
☉ second connector for daisy chain connection

   PCLD-789D is a used PC-LabCard front-end analog input signal conditioning agent channel Multiplexer board. It can be 16 to switch to a single differential signal A / D converter input channels. You can Cascade 10 PCLD-789D, a single data acquisition card, after the cascade can be read up to 160 analog input channels. PCLD-789D with a DB-37 interface and 20-pin flat cable interface that allows PCL-818L or PCL- 818HD read up to 128 channels, without having to use more of the digital output cable to select channels. PCLD-789D uses a sophisticated instrumentation amplifier provides the gain switch to select available .1,2,10,50,100,200 and 1000. The amplifier allows you to use the case of PC-LabCard accurate measurement of weak signals. The card also comes with a cold junction compensation circuit detection, allowing you to directly connect the output of thermocouples to measure temperature. through the utility software compensation and linearization, you can use various types of thermocouples.