PCB circuit board design software detailed overview

With the rapid development of electronic technology, electronic products have become increasingly demanding, more and more powerful, though Ruipian increasing integration, but the design requirements for the circuit board, but also increasingly high .
Circuit board design, also known as PCB design, because the entire circuit board is called in English Printed circuit board, abbreviated as PCB, so the circuit board design, also known as PCB design; circuit board design, from the beginning to the present, the more large-scale hand-drawn library , and powerful features such as automatic placement and routing, more and more convenient for our engineers design circuit boards.
A qualified electronics engineer, engaged in PCB design, you must master at least one circuit board design software. We are committed to the teaching of PCB software, ready for you to enter the electronics industry provide a variety of circuit board design software teaching materials, and now we have introduced a PCB software, video tutorials, including video tutorials, and Protel 99se CAM350 video tutorial two series.
Circuit board design work carried out is a very lengthy process, because, when we printed circuit board design, must select an appropriate circuit board design their own work, we PCB Resources Network In this article, we will Introduction circuit board design tool in we go, behold a suitable, of course, in their daily use among the different tasks, choose a different a different circuit board design software is necessary, No matter what kind of circuit board design software, is not perfect, the key is to find a cooperative you own tools, can quickly, easily complete their circuit board design.
Circuit board design, concrete can be divided into several parts, that is, schematic design, PCB design, circuit simulation, CAM engineering software, copy board software. In this paper, we mainly talk about the circuit board design software, referring to the schematic design and PCB design of two parts.
Circuit board design software, usually containing the schematic design and PCB design two modules, the mainstream powerful circuit board design software, and even more modules are included, and now the mainstream of the circuit board design software are Protel, OrCAD, Viewlogic, PowerPCB, Cadence PSD, MentorGraphices the Expedition PCB, Zuken CadStart, Winboard / Windraft / Ivex-SPICE, PCB Studio, TANGO, PCBWizard (PCB production with LiveWire matching packages), ultiBOARD7 (PCB production and multiSIM2001 supporting package), etc. and so on.
Protel software is the most widely used in China, but the current application of pads the user is constantly increasing, the two were introduced below the circuit board design software Protel Altium Protel series is PROTEL (now Altium) in the late 20th century, introduced 80 The circuit board design software, from the initial Protel fo DXS, and then upgrade to the Protel for Windows, and then in 1998, launched protel98, launched in 1999 a landmark protel 99 and the upgraded version of protel 99se, now, to use Protel 99se PCB design staff, the number is still quite large, protel 99se PCB design industry on the enormous contribution.
In the 21st century, autium also conform to the development of the company, launched the DXP, DXP2004 other version, in 2005, altium protel launched the latest version of Altium Designer 6.0, the latest version of the current version number for the Altium Designer 6.7.